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Caught you red handed, Sissy

You thought you could keep this a secret forever? Sneaking in here, into my room when I am at work? Dressing your little sissy self in my lingerie? My good lingerie!? You thought I wouldn’t notice? That I didn’t suspect? And now I have caught you red handed. In my red lace lingerie set . . . → Read More: Caught you red handed, Sissy

Types of Sissy Panties

Now, there are obviously some panties that work better for sissies than others. Full briefs or commando panties work great. You have some equipment to hide. However, for those daring (or small enough) there are plenty of options. Truth be told, the only kind of panties that really can’t work for sissies are tanga. . . . → Read More: Types of Sissy Panties

Sissyville Assignment: Makeup part three

This is part three in my makeup series. Our focus today will be cheeks and lips. You need to be sure to choose the correct color for your skin tone. You can find the tips on how to find these tones when you click the audios. There are three ways that I lost, and I . . . → Read More: Sissyville Assignment: Makeup part three

Shape your face with Miss Holly

One topic that I see here a lot on Sissyville is make up. And more than that – eye brows. I encourage you to search for eye brows and go through the meticulous trimming necessary.

I’ve found that really great shaped eyebrows can make ALL the difference. It’s true. Getting rid of the bushy . . . → Read More: Shape your face with Miss Holly