Holly's frilly pantiesNow, there are obviously some panties that work better for sissies than others. Full briefs or commando panties work great. You have some equipment
to hide. However, for those daring (or small enough) there are plenty of options. Truth be told, the only kind of panties that really can’t work for sissies are tanga. And that’s because there is simply no way to hide your
equipment with a seem running through the middle. Though they are great because of a lack of panty lines, they aren’t so helpful in the front. Only those super tiny of sissy clitties will fit in there.

Let’s talk about some other options though. The thong. Definitely a sexy and often adored piece of material. and a little piece at that. For those of you that love to show off your panties, having a “whale tail” is a fantastic way
to go about it.

Full briefs, there is something very sexy about being totally covered and totally naughty. If you have a pair of full briefs on it is very doubtful anybody would get you have pretty panties on, even if you are wearing something thin or sheer enough to show a panty line. So I encourage you to go to town with these panties. Bright pink, sparkles, anything and everything. The “safest” of all the types of panties for you sissies!

Boy shorts, a very common panty for sissies.. and ladies alike. I can’t say that I am a huge fan of them, but lots of the Mistresses enjoy them. They are so sporty and fun.

And those are just 4 types of panties. There are many more. I *highly* encourage you to run out and try a bunch of different pairs. Think about what your inner girl is really all about. Try them out for a few days, even if you don’t think you will like them. Try and try again to find that perfect type for you. And remember, moods change and atmosphere dictates the level of fun. So go out there and get some!



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