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Caught you red handed, Sissy

caught redhanded sissyYou thought you could keep this a secret forever?
Sneaking in here, into my room when I am at work?
Dressing your little sissy self in my lingerie?
My good lingerie!?
You thought I wouldn’t notice?
That I didn’t suspect?
And now I have caught you red handed.
In my red lace lingerie set no less.
I guess it matches those blushing red cheeks of yours.
Hmmm… I wonder what your buddies would say if they could see you now?
Tell me something: How did it feel when you slipped those silky stockings on for the first time?
Did your little clitty get hard right away?
As hard as it is now?
What about those red lace panties?
Do you like the way they feel on your little sissy clitty?
No! Don’t try and cover yourself up. Not now. Keep your hands by your sides until I tell you otherwise.
And what is that!?
Are you leaking into my lace panties, sissy?
What a dirty little slut you are.
Well, I guess I will let you keep those now. I will find some way to make you pay of course.
But first things first. I think since you like wearing my lingerie so much you should wear panties all the time. You are going to throw away all your men’s underwear.
(I mean, seriously, what does a little sissy need men’s underwear for anyway?)
Oh, don’t try and shake your head. After all you’re not really a man, you’re quite obviously a blushing little sissy panty whore. Besides it’s not up to you. You made your choice when you decided to sneak in here and slip those panties on.
I bet a small part of you even hoped I would catch you.
Isn’t that right, my little leaking sissy slut?
And now you are mine.
Unless you want me to tell everyone (and I do mean everyone) about your little secret you are going to do exactly as I say.


1 comment to Caught you red handed, Sissy

  • Toni Fleming

    my Mom caught me several times in her lingerie, dressed & prancing around…(once with two lady friends…tee hee, i got a completely bareassed spanking right there in front of them too)!! Mom finally took me shopping with her to buy me my own panties…(so i’d stop making all hers sticky…lol)!! She made a point to ask the saleslady what size should she buy for her sissy son! my face was SO red…but my infant-sized tool was leaking too, & i learned to crave humiliation right then & there!! After that my sissy ass made it a point to get “caught” naked, or especially dressed in sissy pink lacy ruffled panties every chance i could get!! my Doctor’s nurse always seems to find a reason to bring at least one other nurse (or more) with her whenever i have to get a shot, or get in a “gown”, so they can see that i am wearing pink or red rhumba panties & my shaved legs & painted toenails!! Mom informed both my Wives about how i wore panties exclusively…(while she “warned” them about how very tiny my lil’ “member” was)!! Mom had caught me wanking so many times that she wouldn’t even bother to tell me to stop, or spank me for it after the first dozen times or so!! It didn’t take her long to figure out that i LOVED getting spanked bareassed…especially in front of her lady friends…(as it happened over a half dozen times)!! She got to where she would get an evil grin on her face as she pulled my panties down in front of her friends…the last 3 times, she made me strip down completely naked in front of them for my spanking, then go upstairs only holding my panties & stockings…not allowing me to get dressed before leaving…(i think this way so they could observe my tiny hard-on & giggle at how very small it was)!! i would stop at the top of the stairs & listen to their comments about me wearing panties or tease Mom about how microscopic my penis was…one even asked incredulously if i got that from my dad…then they all laughed when Mom said “Sadly YES, he does”!

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