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Getting pool ready with Ms Cassandra

Getting pool ready is your new assignment from me. I’m not a believer in tanning booths and sunbathing. I am a believer in spray on tanning products and over the counter gradual tanner. I’m going to show you how to do it yourself, or to prepare for a spray on professional tan. I prefer a professional tan but do you have the nerve to go in and actually do it? I will encourage it, and finally demand it.

 I know that many will not, so let’s start with the home tanning kit. Just remember: a professional job is a better job.

 First of all, all body hair must be removed to make a smooth body. To make the body even smoother, an exfoliating sugar scrub while in the shower as well. Since sugar scrub contains some oil, dry off very well but leave a film of it on your skin. It helps distribute the tanner better. Start at your legs. Use rubber gloves through the whole process. Protect the knees, ankles, and most of the foot with an emollient body lotion. Be conservative with the tanner, a quarter size on thighs and calves. Take any left over and blend into knees and foot. Distribute in circular fashion.

 Now start at your butt and as far up the back as you can. Work down from the shoulders, use a foam painter to get the areas you can’t reach. The chest and abs are easy, and the arms as well but be sure to lotion up the elbows. Finally, after all is said and done, there is still the neck, face, and hands. There are tanners for the face and neck but you can take off your rubber gloves, lotion up your hands and face, and use a bit of tanner on all.

Do not get dressed for 30 minutes no matter what. Stand in front of a fan, then you can put on your pink bikini and look at your sissy self in the mirror. Do this according to instruction. Some suggest every day, some less. Do not over do and spend a little more for quality.


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