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What do you do with your clitty stick?

Feminization phone sex

While I’ve always found panty boys to be interesting, at least for a little while, I’ve always enjoyed total feminization of a man much more. Give a woman a panty boy, and she can amuse herself for a day; give her a sissy maid, and she’ll laugh for the rest of her life! Oh, and have a clean house as well. 🙂

You see, when I crossdress a man, I don’t actually want him to *look* like a crossdressing man. I want him to look like a real, live woman. There are lots of different tricks I have to accomplish this end, and I’ll be glad to pull them out on a crossdressing phone sex call with a naughty little slut boy (or should I say “girl”?) like you.

Oh, what are you going to do with that sissy wand?

One of the first things that sissy sluts often ask is how to hide their little erections underneath their sissy panties and skirts. They’ve got the right idea. A Mistress like me who enjoys seeing her boys look like authentic women certainly doesn’t want her illusion spoiled by the sight of a bulge coming from between your legs! Don’t worry too much, though. Unless you have a massive ten-incher–and most femme wannabes most certainly do not–we can take care of it.

There are actually several ways that we can take care of it. The most common (and easiest) way is the pull and tuck method, where you pull your cock backwards between your legs in the direction of your ass, then pull your panties on over it. This method works fairly well for the short term, but not as well for longer periods of time because you have to consciously keep your legs together in order to keep it in place.

Another idea is to pull it up toward your belly and tape it place. Of course, this will require you to shave, but all good sissy boys must be shaved, anyway, so it’s not that big of a deal. This works pretty well, as long as you don’t work up too much of a sweat, which tends to make the adhesive on the tape not adhesive! I’ve also been known to put my slaves into male chastity to keep that pesky cock in place during our sissification sessions.

Want to find out what’ll work best for you? Great! Talk soon. 🙂

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5 comments to What do you do with your clitty stick?

  • kelly

    realy a sissy should not have hardon bulging crotch there clitty is flacid inverted often a thong on backward will turn a trained sissies genitela into a cute little pussy without a hole,it takes time and practice but once she cumms with a softie inside her pussy/lipball sack well thats all you need

  • SugarTime

    It’s got to be chastity!

  • That’s great! Thank you for the comment SugarTime, Chastity it is!
    ~Princess Andi~

  • SissySamantha

    My lil clitty is so itty bitty, i just tuck it back when i’m putting on my panties. if you saw me in them as some of my girlfriends have, they say that if they didn’t know that i had a tiny lil penis, that they would be sure that I didn’t with my panties on. Oh, and once i’m tucked in i don’t have to worry about it moving or falling out, it’s so little it just can’t, i usually forget about it until i cum or have to pee. my clitty doesn’t get hard, but i still prematurely ejaculate alot thru my soft itty bitty clitty. as far as chastity goes, i tried but they don’t make a cage small enough for mine, they just kinda fall off.

  • kelly

    sissysamantha and I are on the same page all of us arent in need of humiliation we just have little clitties and love women so much we wish we were one buy hiding it inside its self with the little head still exposed we can cum just like a girl makes my holeless pussy all wet and slipeery , I know you femdoms are chaffing at the thought but what you going to do? exatly what Im going to do tie his dum ass up and take what I want from him! MR mistress KELLY

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