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Spending hot and naughty summer nights with Ms Bailey

Hello my sexy sissies!

Hope you all are enjoying your hot and naughty summer nights! This past weekend I had the chance to go to a very exclusive night club down in Miami! Being there, made me realize there are so many sexy styles that most sissies are not taking advantage of. I think that staying fresh, young and fun is very important to a happy life as a sissy. The key word for this summer is SHORTER.

Short hair!

I have been seeing many ladies rocking shorter hairstyles, lately. I believe that this is not only fashionable, but also part of staying comfortable and beautiful in the hot summer sun. Or under those hot lights in the clubs! My favorite is the “Pixie Cut”. It is very short from the back, and layers longer around the face. I think this look is comfortable, and mainly very low maintainance, and a great choice for sissies just starting to venture out in to the Girl world!

Short Skirts and Dresses!

Like I always say, “Less is more.” And that is especially true during these hot months! Wearing shorter skirts and dresses, means less fabric covering your body, which essentially means keeping cooler. It is hard to be a pretty sissy with sweat rolling down your face. Not only do you get to stay comfortable, but you have the added value of showing off those sexy tan legs of yours! In turn, attracting the attention every sexy sissy craves for!


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