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Ms Christine Says a Smooth Sissy is a Happy Sissy

Mistress Christine

Are you a real sissy?

Smooth and Silky Skin

I think every sissy has some type of ritual they use to bring the feminine side out of them and to slip into their slutty little play space. Sometimes it’s how I speak to them, setting the mood, but other times it’s something physical, like sliding a pair of thong panties up their body, or better yet, slipping on a pair of silky thigh high stockings. If you want those stockings to slide on nice and smoothly though, you need to make sure the legs underneath them are smooth and silky as well.

How to Keep Those Legs Smooth

If you want to have sexy legs just like your Mistress, you’re going to need to get rid of that hair. Now, if this is the first time you’re shaving, some of that hair might be quite long, so before you take a razor to it, you need to trim it first. Then, why don’t you slide into a nice warm bath. That will soften up your skin and the hair. Apply shaving cream, which will just soften up the skin more. Then, with a new blade, start shaving in the direction the hair grows to remove most of the remaining hair. To get a really close shave, rinse off, re-apply the shaving cream and shave in the opposite direction.

A Landing Strip

Like the way that those legs feel? Really want to make yourself into a sissy slut? How about shaving a nice landing strip into your pubes? Or maybe even an arrow pointing right to your sissy clit. That’s the way a real sissy whore does it!


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1 comment to Ms Christine Says a Smooth Sissy is a Happy Sissy

  • Hi Mistress Christine,
    A very nice blog indeed. Being a cross dresser or a sissy one needs to have smooth shaven legs, body and under arms. It has been almost 3 years since I first got shaved. I met with a pro domme and had asked her to shave me since I was too nervous to do it myself. She and a friend stood me in the bathtub and shaved me from the neck down. It was a very thrilling and scary experience at the same time. Although I had been wearing panties and lingerie for many years, this was the first person I let see me in my lingerie. Now so many months later, I am feeling so good about finally getting shaved that first time. I love having smooth legs and crotch area all the time. And smooth underarms is very nice. I used to get my underarm hair tangled and caught or pulled during the hot summer months. I just love to take a nice hot bubble bath and use my little pink razor and girlie shave gel from my neck to my toes. I have been taking a bubble bath at least once each week and do some touch-up shaving in the shower. I do have a small shower so it is very hard to shave down my legs without hitting my head on the shower wall. So the bathtub makes it so much nicer. It is easy to do the legs and then spread my legs out of the tub to be able to shave around my balls and cock. Shaving is just one girlie ritual that helps to make me feel girlishly sexy. And you are right about the first time shaving to use the clippers first. If you don’t the hair will pull like crazy, and plug up the razor very quickly. This cross dresser just loves to feel feminine and sexy, and shaving my legs and body, is one great way to feel just that.

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