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Tell Ms Delia What Makes You Feel Sexy and Girlie

What is your FemFabulous Sissy New Year Resolution? What do you resolve to do to feminize yourself in 2013? I bet you want to become even more feminine, but want the support of helpful Mistresses who simply adore sissies! You’ve got it! At FemFabulous, we will help you become the woman you are inside! I bet you are thinking about…

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Feminization Mistress Delia


Maybe you should focus on panties! Do you like bikini, thong, cheeky, boy shorts, or naughty crotchless ones? How about fabrics? Stretch lace, satin, cotton, or more sexy leather panties are all options. I think everyone into being feminine NEEDS a panty drawer. What will be in yours?

Resolve to get at least one favorite pair of panties for 2013


What makes you feel especially girly? What is one thing you can do to just feel more feminine? Maybe a special candle, a new sex toy, even an inspiring song or piece of art can help to inspire you and bring out your more feminine feelings. Find what makes your inner femme come out!

Resolve to find one token of femininity that you can always have nearby!

Beauty Supplies!

What makes you feel sexy and girlie? Do you have a special clear lip gloss that no one notices? Do you paint your toenails a special pink? Have you found out that women’s body wash really DOES make your skin soft? What parts of your body do you want to shave? Simple changes to your daily routine can open up your world making you feel beautiful inside and out.

Resolve to incorporate 5 new beauty supplies into your daily routine this year!

Head over to my feminization blog, and all of my Mistress friends and I will help you grow to be as femfabulous as you can be in 2013!


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3 comments to Tell Ms Delia What Makes You Feel Sexy and Girlie

  • sissy slave ted

    Dear Mistress,My Mistress Empress Christine has me wearing panties every day now.So i have a few panties in my panties drawer.Thankyou for your helping me be a pretty
    sissy for my Mistress.Thankyou.

    sincerly yours sissy slave ted

  • Ashley

    Hi ms Delia. U are absolutely correct:). Being able to embrace your femininity and finally coming out as Ashley made it so much easier. I went from hiding my girly self at home, to now I can go to the salon as Ashley!! Being able to go get waxed then going straight from there to Victoria’s Secret makes me feel like I am the sexiest, girly slut:). I have so many panties, bras and lingerie it’s not funny. But being completely smooth and then putting on a new thong on under my skirt and strutting in heels thru the mall makes me feel so sexy:)!! Usually helps with the boys too:). Thanx


  • tina woody

    yes, i am a real sissy slut, i feel so girlie and my mistress has kept always an eye on me and my training to become a real sissy fag!

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