I recently attended a play party where several different types of “pleasure stations” were set up around the area. One in particular had the focus of my attention, and that was the glory hole station. Glory holes always fascinate me. I love watching as sissies and cocksuckers perch so expectantly on one side, not knowing what color, shape, or size of manmeat will poke through the hole. I also love the anonymity. It could be *anyone’s* cock that you end up sucking.

That’s right. I said you. You didn’t think I was going to put my mouth on a cock, did you? That’s what sissies cum dumpsters like you exist for.

And because I saw something at that party that made me frown, I have an assignment for you. You are going to practice your pre suck glory hole etiquette. I saw one sissy who had atrocious form, and we don’t want you to repeat that social faux pas, now do we?

Of course not.

First things first…your lips should be nicely glossed. There is something about the way that a pair of lips with a high sheen look when they open for a cock that is just beautiful. Of course, the recipient of your oral ministrations won’t be able to see it, but he can tell the difference between glossed lips and non-glossed. But this really isn’t as much about him as it is getting you in the proper feminine mindset of pleasing the cock in front of you.

Your hands need to be nicely manicured as well. I understand that you may not be able to have long nails, or colored polish. But you *can* make your hands as soft as possible. So be sure to have some moisturizing lotion to use before you think of wrapping your hands around a shaft.

Finally, you are to pay close attention to how you are holding your body. Your shoulders should be back, with a slight dip in the small of your back that presses your chest forward. It doesn’t matter if you have on breast forms or not. It’s what a real woman does, and that’s what I want you to feel like.

Now open up and wait patiently! Focus on pleasing the cock, and that will in turn please me.

And that should be your true goal!


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