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Shopping with Ms Freda for a Sissy Tea Party

 Sissy Tea Parties

When I read an article about sissy tea parties I immediately thought of my darling frilly sissies! Just think of all the fun you’d have at this kind of event. We’d have to go shopping for a new frilly dress for you with matching anklet stockings. I’d want to tie a pretty bow in your lovely long hair, too. I know some of you are in a secret sissy lifestyle, not daring to let your love for all things frilly get out, but here in our fantasy, you can really let loose & swish away! Curtsy and twirl, we’ll dance and sing together!

Meeting other sissies and sharing your stories

Just imagine meeting other cutie pie sissies and sharing your stories. A bond will be formed and you may become frilly sissy friends for life. Oh, I know you like to show me pictures of yourselves all dressed up in your pretty frocks and I love seeing them. Are you brave enough to go to a convention of frilly sissies? Wouldn’t it be a thrilling experience to walk in wearing your favorite dress, darling Mary Jane shoes and a satin ribbon in your pretty hair? You’d be welcomed, accepted and loved. I’d be right there with you, holding your pretty little hand.

Oh my goodness, you’ll have fun at our fantasy Tea Party! All those delicious cookies and using your best table manners will keep you in a wonderful mood. It will be so amazing seeing all the other sissies in their sissy style fashions from all over the world.  We’ll go to the Bistro where we can swing at night, eating lovely meals and drinking refreshing drinks. Imagine dining in your darling outfit and sitting next to those who share your special love.

So think about it sweetie darling and let’s talk about it, too. I can’t wait to hear your ideas.



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1 comment to Shopping with Ms Freda for a Sissy Tea Party

  • I would love to attend a tea party. I go out with friends but there is no one I know who is a TG like me. I have met other CDs and other sissies but their brains are more masculine than mine. I am a committed transgender. Being female is not just for fun to me.
    Are you talking about fantasy girlie or real girlie? Either way would be okay.
    I would love to share stories with people like me and other people who understand. 🙂


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