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Ms Courtney loves those sexy bikini tan lines

What to wear this summer

Hello all of you sissies out there in Sissyville! This is going to be a fun assignment for summer. If you haven’t alreadyMs Courtney got one, go out and buy a bikini. If you are really strapped for cash, you can substitute with a bra and panties. What you are going to do is to start on a tanning regimen.

Where to go

You can tan from home on your patio or in your backyard (just make sure no one can see you, unless of course, you are little public humiliation slut. Then, by all means, strut your stuff!). Or, you can go to a tanning booth. Either way works! If you are really feeling adventurous, you can even go to a nude beach, but don’t get nude!

Your assignment

This assignment is all about creating those sexy, bikini tan lines, just in time for summer! (Which is officially in a couple of days!) Now, depending on how pale you are, it may take some time basking in the sun or the tanning booth to get the sissy tan lines any sissy would be proud to have! With that said, you can also skip all the sunning and tanning and go to a spray tan place! That is quick and easy and you can get a deep, bronzy skin tone without investing all of the time it takes to sun yourself. Once you think you have tan lines worthy of public display, head on over to your local nude beach. Spread your beach blanket on the ground and take off that bikini and show off your bitchin’ tan lines, bitch!

Then I want you to…



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1 comment to Ms Courtney loves those sexy bikini tan lines

  • vanessa

    Having tan lines from a bikini are so undeniably feminine or in this case sissified! I love the contrast of a dark tan and white butt cheeks and crotch! All the Mistresses at LDW, react with enthusiasm and thoroughly leave me erotically humiliated, each time, they saw my tan lines last year! I still remember some Mistresses saying are those tan lines! (lots of giggles would follow)! The edges from this were so awesome!

    At the tanning salon the girls got use to me asking for feminine smelling lotion and we had lots of fun picking out the most fem fragrances! By the end of the summer, I started wearing women’s shorts, and shirts, to the tanning salon! I even quit hiding my bikini and just started carrying it in, in my hand !

    This year, I want to be more humiliated at the tanning salon, so Mistress has decided, I need a custom spray tan!

    Glad to see your challenging more sissies, to enjoy tanning! Getting a shot in the rump, from the nurse, at the doctors office is quite an experience with tan lines, too!

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