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Rites of Summer Assignment from Ms Cassandra

I call this little assignment “The Rites of Summer”. I just had sissy vanessa perform the Rites on cam for me. Now that I have sparked interest, you will have several steps to attain the perfect pink patch of pubic hair just above your little sissy pussy.

Rite #1

First you must have the pubic area waxed neatly, providing the blank canvas for the new artwork. The waxing will leave plenty of neatly trimmed hair in the middle, so imagine a 3-4″ racing strip. Perfect! After the waxing is done, the area must rest for several days before we continue to the second rite. Be sure to have 1-2″ growth in the center.

Rite #2

Find a beauty supply store with very pretty sales associates. Mostly you will find this as women hairstylists tend to be pretty, young, and trendy. Often they will work in beauty supplies while they are in training. Ask her about bleaching and coloring the pubic area a hot pink for summer, what supplies you need, how long to leave it on, and any tips she can provide. Tell her you are a sissy doing this for assignment.

Rite #3

Be prepared to call your Mistress with all items set up and instructions understood. Be sure to have a webcam ready for Mistress’s viewing, and wear something pink and pretty on top that is short so it will not be ruined by bleach and dyes. On the sides of the waxing which should have no irritation by now, spread a coat of Vaseline on your Mistress’s demand. It is difficult not to stroke while doing this. Refrain from stroking and just do the Rites. Mistress will guide you after you have sent her the instructions given by the sales hottie for the process. It will consist of 3 steps. Bleaching, coloring, and final cleanup.

sissy vanessa had a colorful bikini with bottom off for the Rites. This way she would wash the bleach off in shower, apply the pink dye after, and then wash the pink off as final. Pink dye will stain the skin for a few days. Have toothpaste, baking soda and water, or a stain remover from the beauty supply on hand.

Happy Rites of Summer Gurls! Please email me at if you have questions and perhaps see vanessa’s finished product on photo.



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2 comments to Rites of Summer Assignment from Ms Cassandra

  • vanessa

    Thank You for sharing this Mistress! It was such an edgy assignment! Touching it up today on cam for you was awesome too! We found out today, that the dye doesn’t come off, even with bleach! Once it’s on the hair, it’s there, for as long as, the hair is there! I absolutely love being pink down there, for you!

  • sissy slave ted

    Dear mistress Cassandra ,thankyou for sharing this wonderful assignement ,thankyou
    sincerely yours sissy slave ted

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