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Sissy Shopping Assignment from Ms Constance

Hello dear sweet sissy girls….Ms Constance's Sissy Shopping assignment

I know you love to shop but now you are going to shop with instructions from me. Do everything you are told and perhaps you will get a sweet sissy surprise in the end. Shopping list:

Panties these should be in girlie colors…pink, purple, red and blue…nothing basic like tan or cream or white, that’s just boring. I want panties that scream, “I am a SISSY GIRL!”

Stockings these can be whichever you prefer wearing, thigh highs or full on pantyhose, I want a few pair of┬áblack sheer, tan or nude, and red….yes RED. You may need to go to a lingerie store for these but you love those shops anyways so that won’t be hard, will it sissy?

Nightie Yes a nightie, you need to find something feminine, girly and sexy. No basic night gown. I want you to buy something that screams, “I am a sexy sissy and I am ready to play!”

Makeup You need just a few things for this sissy shopping trip. The first being lipstick, something in a fem slutty color like red or rose or even bright pink; a lipstick that has a shine to it that just screams, “I am such a sissy slut and I love attention!” You also need some blush, something in a deep rose color should do to bring out those sissy cheek bones and make you look like a total sissy! Last, I want nail polish; whatever shade of lipstick you choose I want you to get matching polish. You will paint your toes and your fingers. Now complete your shopping and when you are done click on the audio below to find out what happens next.


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