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Topping Off Your Look

Are you a full femme sissy? Are you able to style and adjust your hair so that you can pass as a sexy girl? And I’m not talking about a mullet! Maybe you need a little help. A wig could be just what you need to completely change you from a man to a pretty gurl. So, let’s go shopping sissy!

Let’s Find You A Wig

Do you need one so you can pass in public, or just so you can dress up at home – and maybe show off on cam for me! Maybe you’re picking one up so you can look sexy at next year’s LDW Prom. If you’re trying to pass in public, you likely want to stay with fairly conservative colors and styles. For a party though, you may decide to pick out something that will make you stand out.

Accentuate the Positive

You want a hairstyle that’s going to accentuate your good features and hide the things you don’t want people to see. Have a rounder face? You’ll need a longer style to take attention away from that, so your face doesn’t look too big. Have a prominent brow or a strong jaw line? Use curls and bangs to cover them up and soften them.

How About Color

Again, are you going for something subtle – then you want to match your own color. Here’s a tip –cut a swatch of your hair and take it with you to match it up. Nice thing is, since you’ve undoubtedly followed my advice that a smooth sissy is a happy sissy, you won’t have to have the carpet match the drapes!


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