Panties for Ms Catherine's Closet SissyPanties for the Closet Sissy

Okay, here’s the deal.  I know it’s been three weeks since your last release and you’re just dying to cum, so I’m willing to let you cum tonight but only if you wear these panties.  Yes, I remember that you’ve always said you wouldn’t wear them, but that’s the deal – take it or leave it!

Have I talked you into it?

I thought you’d agree.  Three weeks IS a long time, isn’t it?  Well here they are, nice and pink and white and frilly – just the way I like them, for YOU anyway!  Personally I wouldn’t be seen dead in them, but for a closet sissy like you I thought they’d be perfect!  Come on now, just slip them on, they’re not THAT tight are they?  Although I suppose with your cock being all hard and throbby like that it is a BIT difficult to get them on.  By the way, if you hate the idea of wearing panties so much, how come your cock is hard and is that a drop of precum I see?   Hmmmm, I thought so.  You love those panties, don’t you?  You might as well admit it.  I can see by your face as well as your hard dick!

Time to stroke!

Right, now you can go ahead and stroke .  No, not like that!  You’re not a man any more, you’re a sissy and that’s not a cock any more, it’s just a swollen clitty so you’ll have to stroke like a girl.  That’s it, rub that sissy-clit with two fingers.  Feels good, doesn’t it?  I can see that it does!  The only question is now whether to make you cum IN the panties or OUT?  What do YOU think?

*Empress Catherine


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