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One Size Does Not Fit All

You’ve read my posts on Mistress Phone Sex about what kind of sissy are you, haven’t you?  Well, while I was posting that, and the follow-up, More Sissies, More Fun, I actually had a good number of wannabe sissies who called me.  They were wannabes because they had no sissy clothes of their own, but they wanted to be turned into girls and they didn’t even know how to get panties, bras or clothes that would fit right.  One size fits all only works for cocks – BIG!  Everything else, you want to make sure it fits so you’ll look hot.  So, let Ms. Christine tell you how to find out what size is right for you.

How Do You Measure Up

Now, I know that sissy clit is small, but we’re not worried about that right now.  If you want to get the right size clothes, you need to figure out what size you are. Unlike men’s clothes, which basically come either measured in inches of waist size or chest size, or simply come in  “Small”, “Medium” and “Large”, we woman like to be a bit more…complicated.  But then again, aren’t we in general.  Complicated and superior, which is why you want to be just like us.

You Could Just Try Things On

But that would be a bit humiliating, wouldn’t it?  Tell me sissy, would you try to smuggle panties, bras and skirts into the men’s dressing room?  Or would you try to wheedle your way into the ladies dressing room?  Even if you’re just going to try things on, you have to have some idea or where to start.  Measurements are key – you’ll need to measure your bust, waist and hips.  Then, along with your height, you can match it up with the sizing chart to figure out what size you should be looking for.  Aren’t you so happy you don’t have to do this with cocks – you know you’re just looking for “Oh My God!” lol…

This works great for dresses, skirts and blouses.  Next post, I’ll tell you how to figure out the right size bra, panties and shoes!


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