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Sissy Takes Pleasure Looking Pretty For Ms Cindy

You have to admit, you’re jealous of pretty women wearing fancy clothes, aren’t you? You adore wearing lace thong panties, matching bra, frilly little baby doll dresses and sexy fitting dresses that hug your delicious curves.

Oh, and finally, how could I forget?….stiletto heels to lengthen your legs and push out your bust line. The soft, gentle touch of the dainty fabrics on your skin make it difficult and hard to maintain your little sissy composure.

And now, you’re trying to become something of an expert on fashion and make-up?…you go girl! Seeing what you look like with a dress is such a erotic experience you can’t believe your eyes.

You enjoy admiring yourself in the mirror, don’t you? Beholding the reflection of a feminized man looking back at you and exciting you. Now that you have developed such a pretty figure you are ready to show it off.

Girly Rules for Curtsy

Are you ready to learn to curtsy properly? Of course you are. So go ahead, no need to be nervous. Hold the edge of your skirt and put one foot behind the other and dip. What a beautiful  girlish curtsy that was.

You must always remember to do this when greeting your guest because there are no excuses for bad manners! A sissy must not only look beautiful but also be fully versed in proper etiquette.

Okay, it’s time you learn how to apply sissy make-up to enhance your feminine facial features. It can be so much fun picking out shades, especially eye shadow to highlight your eyes, the very windows to your soul.

First, we’ll start off with cream, liquid foundation and powder but make sure you choose a color that looks best for your skin tone…there are so many different shades for you to choose from.

Also, let’s not forget the most girly thing of all, ladies…lipstick! Lipstick makes your lips luscious, pouty and ready for action. Some sissies even tell me that putting on lipstick can feel like rubbing the head of a cock all over one’s lips…isn’t that exciting!

I want you to go out there and get lost in the world of femininity. I want you to fully recognize and appreciate what a delicious creature you truly are…pretty little sissy who’s ready to faithfully serve.


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22 comments to Sissy Takes Pleasure Looking Pretty For Ms Cindy

  • Steven

    My Lovely Mistress. . You know have always liked the thought of a sun dress for Stephanie.. and lots of proper etiquette for you my Lovely Mistress and any of your friends. . And all those men around to entertain. Is extremely exciting. .and today would be a great day to drift into Stephanie mode.. she hasn’t been around much lately. . ♡♡ 🙂

  • Peter

    I am jelous of hot women wearing sexy clothes/dresses. If I can’t get women I’ll dress as one wearing hot tops/sweaters/yoga pants/dresses/heels/boots/makeup/lipstick/blush. Wearing dress with heels I can’t believe how girlish I look. My legs are so girlish with heels on also wearing bra/panties/slip it fits me perfectly. I look better in women’s clothes/lingerie then I do it boy clothes. You already have me wearing women’s clothes/bra/panty/makeup/lipstick/heels/boots/dresses along with feminine hair cut as well as arched eyebrows. 🙁 I am a girl now your sissy girl:(

    • Peter, As you should be jealous of hot women. You’ve only attempted femininity, how many times?

      • Peter

        To many times Ms Cindy:( to many times:( I’m no match for you and the other mistresses:( with you sitting on my lap applying foundation/blush/mascara/lipstick on me I can’t protest nor fight back:( how can I if im in bra/panty set wearing heels:( you turned me into a girl and I’m not boyfriend material. I’m your sissy panty boy. With pictures you’ve taken and also telling all the mistresses and your girlfriends they all know you have me wrapped around your finger and your nails firmly dug into me with no intention of letting go. 🙁

  • Dena

    Oh yes, Ms Cindy, a pretty girl is all I’ve ever wanted to be! I just love how certain dresses can be magical. I adore being dressed in lingerie!

    • Dena, Yes certain dresses, lingerie does bring out that magical, captivating look. Have you found yours as yet?

      • Dena

        Yes, I found a gold cocktail dress that was magical. I was shopping and when I saw it, and the SA asked if I needed any help. I asked if I could come back when it wasn’t busy and try it on. She said I could try it on right then! I happened to have my wig, foundation, stockings, and heels out in the car and went to get them.

        I had just finished changing and was about to try the zipper when she came back to the fitting room to check on me. I told her I was about to try the zipper, and she offered to zip it for me. It was thrilling when she zipped me up! I did not expect to feel that way. She then led me out to the 3 way mirror in the store. I was half hoping it wouldn’t fit so I wouldn’t have to decide if I could afford it. I bought it! If you like you can see a pic of it in my photo album on Enchantrix Empire, look for Dena.

  • Steven, Then it’s time for Stephanie’s return. What is she waiting for a prize dress or a hot man?

  • ruffles

    I am so sissy anymore. I really love the ways I can dress in my sissy clothing especially the silk satin and lace panties that star my day. I love the thought of wearing panties under my clothes and the desires that come with the feeling against, my body. I need to find a dress shop in nj that serves and sells to a sissy. I know my heart would be pounding go sissy go when it happens.Does anyone know one for me?

  • I keep thinking about taking female hormones but scared of what will become mistress i dont know if you offer advice but girl!!!! I could sure use it right now IM falling apart there are some days I sit here.and cry 🙁

    • Patrick, If being a true female is your life desire and you’ve been through a battery of test and past, then go with your heart girl and become who you were meant to be. Be brave be strong it’s all about feminine power.

  • Im crossdresser but I feel it’s not enough just to dress up, I want to feel alive like a girl would mistress cindy

  • I can’t even think of a girl name I would be honored if u would name me

  • StephanieCDCNJ

    Mistress Cindy,

    I used to think I was attracted to women but I’m realizing that it may just have been me being envious and jealous of them. I wish I were a woman in every way. But realize I could never be as beautiful as you and other woman are.

  • Patrick

    Yes mistress Cindy im extremely jealous.I love really short. Black dresses pink thongs very tight pink bras and black corsets With pink trimiming All around the outside .with pink
    .three inch heels black fish net.shockings a black collar with pink on the edges.

  • Mistress Cindy I would be honored if you could pick out a girl’s name for pretty mistress Cindy for your little sissy

  • I wear anything u give me mistress Cindy

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