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Serving and pleasing Ms Cindy as a feminized sissy

Serving and pleasing Ms CindySo, you say you are ready to dedicate every waking moment to serving and pleasing your Mistress as a feminized sissy…did I hear you correctly? Very well then.

That is very courageous and commendable of you. Considering only a certain percentage of men were born to be openly feminine it leaves the lady of the house the alpha male in a more conventional sort of way. Decisions will be made by the domina on all important matters such as when to go shopping, when to wash panties, when to do the ironing and when to buy her gifts.

Let me ask you something…are you experiencing an orgasm drought because you’re unable to express your devotion to your Mistress while wearing matching panty and bra? If so, there’s no need to worry. No one will judge you. Besides, you will be pleased to know plenty of satisfaction can be derived from the knowledge that your Mistress enjoys wearing sexy lingerie for her real man not to mention the seemingly endless orgasm she experiences with him.

You are now a cream puff sissy

Now I want you to stand up and put on your long black dress, the silk stockings as well as your heels. The feel of silk on your skin will drive you insane and whenever you think about stockings your dick will grow hard. Begin to realize how much you have developed into a cream puff sissy slut. It is your duty to think and behave like a girly pussy-boy. Do I make myself clear?

Don’t worry about being embarrassed or frightened. I want you to feel nothing but pleasure. The pleasure of having a penis and the pleasure of knowing deep down you no longer have to hide yourself from who you really are.

Grab your sex toy and get ready

I can almost hear the clacking of your heels across the floor and picture your hips swaying from side-to-side as you walk. Prepare yourself for being a cream puff sissy boy. Grab your sex toy now and get ready….I want you to feel yourself releasing, exploding and shooting your load.

This pleasure will be very special for you…like no other. Let me hear you moan uncontrollably. Good sissy slut gets pleasure! Good sissy slut gets to cum…


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3 comments to Serving and pleasing Ms Cindy as a feminized sissy

  • Petey cream puff

    Just seeing my self in the matching panty/bra set with heels I am a cream puff and with the nylons on my soft,smooth, girlish legs with the black dress and slip underneath my cock is hard. I’ve been I drought for getting off and this is only way I can:( I do have my wand/lube and flesh jack. Now with the French manicure you gave me along with the hair extensions it’s difficult to use my hands with the long tips and my hair keeps getting into my eyes. With me being hard this means that it shows I’m weak/submissive/& feminine and by cumming it shows that I am your cream puff sissy and that I belong to you dressed like this all the time. And yes by you keeping me this way I am your cream puff girl.

  • Petey cream puff

    I hope I can keep up as well. Everytime we go shopping I always have hardon when you spray me in perfume/put lipstick on my as well as blush and lotions.:( I soak my panties 🙁 it’s just when you do that I’m so weak and helpless especially when you take the other mistresses with. As you said no guy would ever let hot women do this to them. But you and the other mistresses are so hot and everytime I say no you all giggle and give me lipstick kisses saying it would be great way to spend day. This is only way I can get hard and off is by you and the other mistresses dressing/turning and keeping me as a girl. 🙁

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