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Ms. Harper Helps You Find Your Sissy Strut

When you’re a sissy, it’s important to find your Sissy Strut.

It’s an often overlooked phenomenon in sissy circles, but the sissy strut is important! The sissy strut is one of the key identifying markers of a sissy, as opposed to a feminine man, or twink, or cock sucking slut. The sissy stands alone . . . → Read More: Ms. Harper Helps You Find Your Sissy Strut

Celebrate the NEW Audio Store

Erotic Audios: Jack in July for Half the Price

We know you love and lust the sultry voices belonging to the Mistresses of Enchantrix Empire. Here is a way to enjoy those sexy voices whenever you want! Purchase an audio from the *NEW* audio store now through the end of July for 50% OFF! . . . → Read More: Celebrate the NEW Audio Store

Lingerie Assignment for the Sissy Who Craves Humiliation

Sissy, some of you long to be exposed. I know this from almost six years of training you, encouraging you, helping you to accept your nature, to form your sissy style, and yes, also through putting you in your place via humiliation. ┬áCountless numbers of you have told Me that no one in your . . . → Read More: Lingerie Assignment for the Sissy Who Craves Humiliation

Little Sissy Tammy’s Tale

Sometimes little sissies are born into bodies that are EXACTLY the opposite of how they see themselves.

That’s what happened with Tammy. Genetics had graced the darling Sissy Gurl with a stocky, blocky, (previously) hairy man’s body; but she loves to fantasize about being a dainty, itty bitty little sissy. In fact, . . . → Read More: Little Sissy Tammy’s Tale

BBW Sissy Primer

It’s time to embrace your curves, BBW sissy gurls!

You’re rocking some sexy curves that only need the right wardrobe to enhance your inner Gurl. That extra padding you’re packing in love handles, moobs, or a spare tire actually gives you one heck of a head start when it comes to rocking . . . → Read More: BBW Sissy Primer