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Sissy Humiliation Parties by Mistress Simone

Masked sissy humiliation parties during the holidays are fun!

What is better during the holidays then a masked humiliation party made just for the not so shy sissies. Now, granted humiliation is not for everyone, and parties are not for everyone either. But, for those, that like it, this is the time of year to throw a big one. Imagine if you will that you invite all the closeted sissies to your party. They are required to wear panties, a bra and a maid outfit.

Yes, the sissies will be passing out all the food and drinks during the party.

No one will need to lift a finger because that will be the job of the men dressed as women. Everyone will be required to wear masks at the party. The sissies of course, will just wear make up and their cutest maid outfits. I expect there would be five or sex running around for the amusement of everyone there.

The sissies, as part of their humiliation, would also be required to speak in feminine high pitched voices while serving the food.

They would also have to shake their asses for anyone that they served foods. The person at that point could choice whether or not to spank their sissy or just say thank you. The sissy would then squeal in delight for having pleased that person.

At the end of the night, the sissies would continue their humiliation by performing.

Performing can be highly embarrassing for the average person. Can you imagine how it would feel being dressed as the opposite gender? Each sissy would have to either dance, sing, or read poetry or prose. Then, they would turn around and wiggle their ass while the crowd would laugh.

I LOVE this type of holiday party!!

Would you be a sissy or a voyeur?

Hugs and Kisses

Mistress Simone


Sissy humiliation parties keep the holidays kinky!

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1 comment to Sissy Humiliation Parties by Mistress Simone

  • Petey cream puff

    😢😫😳everyone will know I’m really a cream puff sissy if they see me all made up wearing bra/panty set with heels along with maid outfit! I won’t be able to live this down as ill be embarrassed & humiliated forever.

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