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Virtual World Glory Hole – Sissy Sucks Her First Cock

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Virtual World Glory Hole 1-800-601-6975

One of my very first femdom sessions at Enchantrix Empire’s virtual world, was a sissy slut named Jizelle, who puts cock sucking and swallowing cum loads before all else in life. If you’re unfamiliar with our virtual femdom world, this is one of the new services we offer, on the Enchantrix sim, and it is quickly becoming VERY popular with sissies! They especially like the virtual glory hole!

Virtual World Glory Hole

virtual world glory hole

Mistress Brighton gives you a workout with virtual world glory hole sissy training. 1-800-601-6975

Jizelle contacted me shortly after we launched in world, and when I say this nasty whore was willing and eager, the first thing she did when she got to “Miss Brighton’s Fairy Beach” is drop to her knees and suck the juicy dick that was protruding from my wall. Didn’t ask questions, whose it was, where it came from, she just stopped, dropped, and sucked. Easy as pie right? But the party didn’t stop there. This sissy had a goal in mind and would be determined to be the biggest cum drunk slut in all the land.

Sissy Cocksucker Can’t Get Enough Cum

So I took her on a field trip to a very special place known for glory holes and cocksucking fuckery. Since there was no one else around at the time, I decided to break her in.. with my strapon. Not only did I put her on display in a glory hole booth with her sissy ass exposed for a good ramming, I took my liberties with the cum slut and gave her a good pounding, which she graciously thanked me for, right before I slid my girl cock down her throat and made her clean it. If you think you’re ready to rock in the femdom virtual world, come visit me at Enchantrix Empire to schedule your glory hole session.


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