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Sissy Cuckold Training from Mistress Piper

Sissy Cuckold Training From Mistress Piper

Get on your knees and SERVE!

Why should all married sissies get immediate sissy cuckold training? Because your sissy clitty is useless to your wife and finding another way to please her is of paramount importance.

Your wife didn’t marry a sissy girl, your wife thought she was marrying a man. She may be fine with you pilfering her panties and sneaking her lipstick, but if she wanted to be a lesbian, she’d get some hot woman to keep her company in bed! Your wife is still a sexy, vibrant woman who needs to be fucked the way you never could.

What’s that you say? Your cock isn’t small, so you don’t think it qualifies as a clitty? Nice try.

Is your cock in a pair of panties? Then it’s no longer a cock, dear. A cuckold sissy doesn’t have a clitty simply because his cock is small. Sissy cuckolds have clitties because they put their cocks in panties. Panties immediately turn a cock into something girly and sweet. Girly and sweet does not a cock make!

When was the last time you heard women say something to the effect of: OMG, my panties were so wet when he pulled out his sweet little girly cock! Ummmm….never.

It’s all over for you as a man now, so it’s time for you to accept your place and learn how to be the best sissy cuckold you can be. Your sexy hot wife deserves a man who can give her all the testosterone fueled fucking her velvety pussy can take, and you need to make sure she gets what she needs.

You need an experienced cuckold Mistress to take you from cucky in the rough to cuckold who knows how to pamper and please his wife. You need to begin your sissy cuckold training with Mistress Piper today!


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4 comments to Sissy Cuckold Training from Mistress Piper

  • princess

    I do need to be in panties and locked while cuckolded….It took along time to realize how inadequate my clitty was….but now that i do, I apologize for not realizing sooner and except my denied place….thanks for the great post Ms Piper

  • Jaffina

    Yes, thank you

  • Cuckold sissies have the responsibility of not just providing for and taking care of their cuckoldress, but also looking the part. I’ve heard some sissies in denial say they didn’t think their sissy clits were small. I had a good laugh at that, if it weren’t so tiny your wife wouldn’t have made you wear panties and locked up your diclet!

  • Empress Rayne

    I love this Ms Piper! It is important that you made the distinction that any male appendage tucked into a pair of panties qualifies as a clitty, no matter the size. No confusion about whether or not they are man enough to please her…they’re not. She needs a real man, not a sissy cuckold.

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