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Masturbation May is Here Sissies

Sissy Masturbation May Fun

Hi, girls and Happy Masturbation May! We love our sissy girls, and we love to help them not only dress and behave like a sissy girl, but also how to masturbate like a sissy! So girls, here is your chance to celebrate Masturbation May in your own sissy style!

Tell us your erotic Masturbation May sissy story!

During the Month of May, we are having a few fun things you can participate in, such as the Masturbating for your Mistress erotic story telling contest on Enchantrix Empire. Tell us how you touched your sweet clitty while your Mistress guided you and told you how feminine you were. If your story is the winning one you will win some awesome prizes!

Oh, and girls, calling your feminization Mistress could earn you prizes, too! We are giving away prizes for the most minutes on the phone for the entire month of May and the most different Mistresses called.

To check out the rules and details of our Masturbation May celebrations and how you can join in, check out the perks page here. Oh, and we can’t wait to see you in your sissy finest, hehehehe.


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1 comment to Masturbation May is Here Sissies

  • Petey cream puff

    I plan on doing this!! When I call I dress up in bra/panty/heels/lipstick/perfume/lotion along with my d cup breasts filling out my bra. Ms Erika/Ms Constance want me to do their promotion where they are going to do feminization of me. Ms Olivia & Ms Delia have turned me into a girl on second life as they said they plan of keeping me this way from now on and I was told Ms Alyssa & Ms Brighton want to be part of my feminization as well.

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