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Sissy Salon

It’s time for another trip to the Sissy Salon!

That’s right, sissy, I’m gonna take you out to the beauty sissy salon and have them give you a makeover. You need it, sissy girl, because you look rough. Let’s get you turned into the sweet cute little sissy that I know you really are inside. I know you dream of cute dresses and adorable little panties, with bows in your hair and pretty red lipstick on your lips, so let’s make that dream come true.

At the sissy salon you’re going to be pampered and primped into your true self.

sissy salon time! 800 356 6169The ladies all know you’re coming by, I made sure to tell them all about you when I made the appointment. They know you’re a sissy, that you’ve tried to be a good strong man but failed utterly, so now you’re just a slutty sissy. And don’t worry, I’m sure they won’t just laugh openly to your face about what a silly slut of a sissy you are. Much, anyway.

Sissy salon time is your favorite, isn’t it?

You get to be made over, into a sissy slut, pampered and cooed about, and even gently humiliated for being such a terrible male. And since it is sissy salon time, and I know what you really crave, I may have set up a special event just for you, featuring all the salon workers husbands and boyfriends. Oh yes, sissy slut, you’re going to get sissified and feminized, and then you’re going to be a good little sissy slut and suck cock for all these men.

After all, what else is a sissy slut good for, other than sucking dick and being a whore?

My sweet sissy, I hope you love all the adventures I have planned for you today. You’re going to be dressed up, have your hair done, nails and makeup, and then you’re going to demonstrate exactly what makes you such a slut for all the ladies at the sissy salon!



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1 comment to Sissy Salon

  • Shawna aka Sean

    You ladies at sissyville know us sissies very well! I would love to do all of this and more! I would enjoy all the attention and being pampered like a little princess. I would like to be all dolled up in pink, including my nails, both finger and toenails! Of course bright pink lipstick to match my nails and pink lingerie! After I suck all of their boyfriends or husbands until they are rock hard, I’d like to be bent over right in the salon if front of all the women and show them how much of a sissy I am! Mmmmmm…. my clitty cock is so hard now!! Like always, I love your posts, keep up the great work ladies! Kisses, xoxo!!

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