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Sissy Voice Training with Ms. Harper

One of the easiest ways to break the illusion for sissies and gender variant folks is to open their mouths and speak.

Sissy voice training is a necessary thing for sissies and gender nonconforming folks! You need to learn how to speak less like a man and more like the feminine creature that you are. Trans folk often wind up searching for someone, anyone, to help them learn how to speak like a woman, and sometimes the techniques offered up just don’t work! What you need is to find someone that uses their voice on a consistent basis, a voice actor or actress, with the ability to break down the vocal process and then convey it to you intelligibly.

You need a sissy voice coach!

sissy voice training 800 356 6169Anyone can put on panties and a bra, layer on a dress and hit a spa. All that takes is the confidence to go ahead and do your thing. But some things you really do need to consult an expert on! How to use your voice to sound as feminine as possible, and how to change the patterns of your speech are things that are best learned from an expert on the subject. A session doing some sissy voice training will pay off for you big time in the long run.

Here’s the basics for sissy voice training:

You’re gonna need to find someplace private, because you’re going to make some silly noises. First, work on figuring out what your natural range is. How low and how high can you go? There’s super high falsetto (think Bee Gee’s), and there’s dropping the bass like it’s hot. Then there’s vocal fry, which adds an element of roughness and crackle, and for genetic girls that vocal fry indicates a lot about social cues and generational idiom. In a nutshell, you’re gonna tighten up your throat a bit, to raise your voice out of the usual male register; we’re not aiming for that falsetto, but just to lift the tone a bit. There’s a bit more to it, but, even doing that tiny bit will help you hit the sissy voice you’re looking for.

You can always call me up for a one on one sissy voice training session!


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