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Sissy Shopping Spree with Mistress Piper

sissy shopping spree

You Know You Need It!

Oh you think you’ve gone on a sissy shopping spree before, but if you haven’t had one with Mistress Piper in your ear, you’re missing out!

For my brave and adventurous girls, we’re going to get all dressed to the nines from the inside out! From your panties to your stockings, dress, and heels. I want you looking fierce, girlfriend, and I want you working it.

And lovey, if you’re feeling a little shy, don’t worry about that! I love my girls who keep it on the down low too. Just put on your prettiest panties and your bra under your opaque top. Wear your pantyhose under your trousers–and just so we can have a little fun, skip the socks. Maybe even paint your toenails for that extra touch.

Then the fun begins! Shopping for sissy clothes!

Where shall we go? A trendy little shop catering to all the cute girls with sexy figures? Why not? Aren’t YOU a cute girl with a sexy figure?

Then we’ll go to one of those places that sell girly pamper products. Don’t you think a bubble bath with a skin-softening bath bomb would make you feel beautiful and sweet? I do too! And don’t forget your lotion and fragrance spritz! Oh, you’ll feel and smell as delicious as you look!

And won’t your boyfriend (or girlfriend) just want to eat you up?

Last but not least, we need to talk about the holy grail of sissy experiences: feminization makeup!

Yes, that’s right! I’m talking about a makeover at the cosmetics counter. All it takes is one phone call from you to arrange it, and you’re sitting in that chair getting your face pampered and polished!

There is NOTHING like a sissy shopping spree with Mistress. It’ll change your life! Give me a call now and let’s set yours up!


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1 comment to Sissy Shopping Spree with Mistress Piper

  • Petey cream puff

    😢😞😧😳. With myself dressed in bra/panty/yoga pants/ankle boots and women’s tank top im scared/nervous that people I know will see me like this especially if they see my bra/panty. Just seeing all these body con dresses that your going to make me try on along with having me get fitted for bras/then to get makeover.

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