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Ms. Piper’s Anal Training Guide For Sissies

extreme orgasm denial

Yes, it’s meant to enslave you.

Your cunt ass is a very good training tool for Mistress. There’s nothing like fucking your ass to make you feel like the bitch you are.

Anal training for sissies is important to keep a good sissy like you in the right frame of mind. You have to admit that anal training makes you very submissive and takes any feelings of being a “real man” right out of you. Everyone knows a real man doesn’t squeal on the end of a big plastic cock. But you do!

If you’re not fully ass trained, then I have the perfect anal training system to get you well on your way.

It’s important to understand where you’re starting and your current level of experience.

Anal play beginner: total virgin and need your cherry popped!

We’ve all been a beginner at one time in our lives. Don’t worry, we’ll have you moaning like an ass whore in no time! What you’ll need to bring along to your anal training phone sex call is a good lube like KY or even a bit of olive oil from the pantry. We’ll just get you acquainted with your ass and teach you how to enjoy it. We’ll go nice and slow so you don’t get spooked!

Your graduation will be your first insertion. We can discuss which anal plug you’re ready for during this call.

Anal play intermediate: ready for the something large and in charge!

Now that you’ve popped your anal cherry, you’re ready for something nice and wide at the base. These plugs are designed to stay in while you’re doing your sissy duties. These plugs are wonderful for sustaining a submissive feeling over a long period of time.

Anal play advanced: slutty sissy riding a big cock!

Once we teach your ass to serve Mistress, then you’re ready to be my squealing sissy on a big realistic dildo! You’ll be sliding that tight little sissy pussy down on a sizable dick and bouncing until your little clitty drips. This is, understandably, the favorite of my stages. You may want to consider allowing me to watch you do this on cam so I can enjoy it almost as much as you do!

No matter where you are in your sissy anal training, I assure you I have a cumplete system designed to further your submission and service. Call me today and let’s get this party started!


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