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Miss Rachel Wants to Throw You A Frilly Sissy Birthday Party

Invite Miss Rachel to your frilly sissy birthday party! 1-800-356-6169Hello, sweet sissies!

Are you the type of gurl who’s happiest in pastel colors? Do you love the feel of layers upon layers of crinolines under a short, satiny skirt? Do you feel at your sissy best in a poofy party dress, complete with sash and lace trim? Is your dream to own the perfect pair of mary janes with a heel? Do your tastes run toward the ultra-girly, as well as the naughty?

Have you ever thought of throwing yourself a little birthday party that celebrates all of that?

It doesn’t have to be the actual anniversary of the day you were born since it can be hard for some of you to find alone time on days like that. But what about naming one day as your frilly sissy birthday, and celebrating it in kind?

A frilly sissy must be sort of dissatisfied with a boy birthday.

I mean, it’s as important for a frilly sissy to mind he/r manners as it is for her to perfect he/r Invite Miss Rachel to your frilly sissy birthday party! 1-800-356-6169curtsey, so of course, you should be grateful to be acknowledged by friends and family who don’t know about your sissy side. After all, the opportunity to eat cake, to be the center of attention, and to receive gifts are all positives at any point. But wouldn’t you like all of that with trappings that acknowledge your sissy side as well?

It’s a good thing that in the fantasy realm, W/e can be and do anything W/e want, so if the idea of a frilly sissy birthday makes the corners of your mouth curl and your cheeks blush as pink as your dress, indulge yourself!

Invite a Mistress to your frilly sissy birthday party!

It can be a lot of fun to make yourself a Pinterest board, for example, with all the decorations you’d like to have, the way you’d like your presents wrapped, the games you’d play, and especially, who you’d invite! I certainly hope I would get an invitation! Let’s have a session purely comprised of adding things to your frilly sissy birthday wish board!

For an even more realistic role play, why not look into having the Mistresses of the Second Life platform throw a birthday party for you? Miss Rachel isn’t involved with Second Life Herself, but I’d probably get involved just to be part of something like that!

If I were going to throw My girly-est, frilly-est sissy a birthday party, I know just how I would do it!

Listen in!  xoxo



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2 comments to Miss Rachel Wants to Throw You A Frilly Sissy Birthday Party

  • Briana

    Oh my, my. I just happen to be wearing s frilly little lavender miniskirt, the kind where the panties are seen in. It’s so short that you can see the dark tops of my tan pantyhose. My legs are shaved. So smooth, so very feminine. All girly in my shoulder length black wig, bra and a cute little top. 2 bras. One stuffed with socks and another bra over top of that one. It makes for a very nice umm, rack? LoL. A large selection of toys easily within reach. i went easy on the make up. Just a little eye shadow and bright red lipstick, very light mascara. I look in the mirror and find that I’m actually becoming more attractive. Is it possible that I’m getting a little too good at this?

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