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A Sissy Bonnet Keeps Mistress Piper’s Humiliated Sissy in Line

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You Belong To ME!

There’s nothing like making your humiliated sissy go ultra-femme to keep her from getting too big for her britches.

I suppose it can happen to just about any sissy–that dingle between her legs causing her to forget she’s not a man and never was. Sometimes I have to make a bold statement to get her back in line, and there’s nothing like a frilly bonnet to do just that.

It’s impossible to be a man when your bonnet ribbon is wide pink satin and cinches tightly under your chin, announcing to the world that you’re nothing but a dominated little bitch and Mistress calls all the shots.

Why, after a sound bare-bottom spanking and a frilly dress, the bonnet is the perfect finishing touch to ignite all kinds of submissive feelings in a girl like you!

I’ll bet you’ll even remember to curtsey to Mistress Piper’s sexy boyfriend and keep your eyes averted (as if that’s a difficulty, when you’re staring at his big bulging crotch!) Don’t forget to say “Yes, sir!” or I’ll have to pull your panties down and show everyone exactly why you’re stuck in a frilly sissy dress and bonnet!

Perhaps an impromptu measurement session will help put you back in your place. You may like the way your little clitty stick pokes up, but you know it looks so skinny and puny beside a real man’s cock!

But then again, when we all laugh at your little clit, it does make it grow at least another eighth of an inch! If we keep laughing, maybe you’ll end up a real man after all!

Nevermind! I won’t hold my breath, bonnet girl!


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