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Is Your Bottom As Red As Your Face, Humiliated Sissy?

Sometimes You Need A Strict Mistress

Oh, sissy, you’ve been a very bad girl! You’ve been caught with your hand in your panties again, and you know good girls don’t play with their clitty without permission!

You try to hide your hard little sissy stick, but I don’t let you. I make you turn around and show everyone the wet spot in your panties. I order you to confess exactly what you were thinking about while you were playing with yourself in panties.

All of my girlfriends start to giggle and laugh as you stutter and make your confession. The funniest thing is how your tiny clitty gets even harder and starts to drip while you’re struggling to form words.

Oh, sissy! Is the humiliation too much for you? Are you going to make a mess in your panties from the embarrassment?

Sissy, you were a very good girl to confess your transgressions, but we do have to give you a proper punishment for being a naughty girl. You cannot masturbate without permission!

Stand in the middle of the room, and push your panties down below those sissy butt cheeks. Now come and lay on Mistress’ lap. My girlfriends are going to help me hold you down, and we’re all going to take turns spanking your ass.

We’re not going to stop spanking you until your bottom is red, your cheeks are streaked with tears, and you’ve learned your lesson.

Don’t you think a hard bare bottom spanking will help you keep your hand out of your panties and make you a much more obedient sissy?

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