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Sissy Beautiful to No End

Feminization Help for the “Rough Around the Edges” SissyBe the most beautiful sissy you can be with help from Ms. Cindy.

You are a sissy. As the name implies, you are effeminate, unmanly and, in general, a cream puff. But you remain “rough around the edges.” Too hairy, not graceful enough, poor comportment and you still smell like a man. How exactly do you intend to pull this one off looking like that?

Not to worry, as today is the day you will be transformed into a beautiful feminized woman. A thing of estrogen-laden beauty who when she struts before an audience or twirls on the dance floor in a pirouette is noticed by all the guys causing involuntary boners to pop out at attention and point to her.

Primp and Pamper

You’ve been eager for this moment forever. I can tell you’re getting excited by your erection pushing out of your trousers. The idea of having your hair done, make-up applied conservatively…just enough to enhance your feminine features…and a pretty dress with fuck-me heels to finish off the presentation.

After being wined and dined by the handsome prince, you come home, excited by your evening on the town, and you undress because it’s time for your bubble bath. Take a long relaxing bath and think nothing of nothing but girly thoughts. Then pour a special pink body lotion all over and shave your body clean and smooth.

This is the girl you want to be…this is the girl you shall become…this is the girl who gets a boner by inducing them in others…this is a beautiful girl, and it is you.


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2 comments to Sissy Beautiful to No End

  • Petey cream puff

    Since you caught me wearing your clothes/bras/panties/lipstick then took me to mall for monthly trips to Victoria’s Secret for bra fittings/showing me off with bra/panty/heels on everyone knows that I’m a cream puff sissy that you turned me into along with trips to salon for hair extensions/feminine arched eyebrows/makeover/applying lipstick on my lips/picking out size 6 sheath body con dress for me to wear along with monthly waxings. I’ve accepted who I am and become the cream puff girl that you turned and made me forever. I realize this is only way I can be with hot women like yourself along with the hot sexy mistresses.

  • Dena

    Yes, Mistress Cindy, this is the girl I want to be!

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