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Sissy Instructions from Experienced Mistress Olivia

Mistress likes to play rough with a sissy.sissy training by Mistress Olivia

Some girly girls need a little (or a lot) of extra training to fulfill their femme potential. That’s where a sissification training Mistress comes in. I get to know you, find out all about you and then devise a training program just for you. First, I give you the sissy test. Then I find out if you are going to service women like me or if you will be a sissy submissive to men.

A girly boi might need special training.

Your training might include humiliation. For example, imagine that you are dressed by Mistress and then undergo my special erotic interrogation. I might demand you answer questions like this: “Your little clit is useless isn’t it? You’re a fairy because there’s no way you can please a woman.” ~laughs~ Hearing that got some of you quivering didn’t it?

 Mistress says when you are allowed to play.

Every sissy is naughty, and I know you are no exception. You like playing with your useless little clit, and you do it all the time, don’t you? ~laughs~ STOP IT right now! If you don’t behave, I’ll put you in chastity for your feminization.

 Cum eating reinforces your girly nature.

Sometimes your cum eating will prepare you for the cocks you’re going to suck. For those of you who will be given to my female friends, you must also lick up every squirtie — it’s your sissy food! ~laughs~

Are YOU ready for your training?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia


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2 comments to Sissy Instructions from Experienced Mistress Olivia

  • Petey cream puff

    I need and want feminization training/sissy instructions from you and the other mistresses. I’ve accepted who I am and become which is your cream puff girl and there’s no point in fighting nor resisting every time I do you give me lipstick kisses on my cheeks which weakens and puts me in my place. I hope and want to have you and the other mistresses continue dressing/lipstick kissing/turning and keeping me as your cream puff girl.

    In real time. My new gf has started to take control of me with what I spend and said if I spend foolishly she will kick my butt. Last night her/Myself and my masseuse went for dinner last night and I put on my perfume and lotion with women’s slacks/panties and bra with ankle boots and they didn’t notice or say anything 😞😢. I was hoping they would but didn’t. I feel I need to tell New gf about my dressing. What are your thoughts about this? She has me sitting next to her as we sat in booth and had me go in first as she sat on outside. Do you think her doing this she wants to take control of me doin this? I thought the guy sits on outside and women on inside. I didn’t mind as I did what she told me to. I want and think I need to tell her that I’d love to have her take control of me. She did say she wants to make me more well rounded. With her saying this I feel she wants and has started to put her nails and wrap me around her fingers.

  • Sissy Sabrina

    Sounds so good and would love it!

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