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Sissy Beautiful to No End

Feminization Help for the “Rough Around the Edges” Sissy

You are a sissy. As the name implies, you are effeminate, unmanly and, in general, a cream puff. But you remain “rough around the edges.” Too hairy, not graceful enough, poor comportment and you still smell like a man. How exactly do you intend to . . . → Read More: Sissy Beautiful to No End

Sissy Opportunity

Where You See Failure, I See a Sexy Sissy Opportunity

Hope you are ready to accept a change in status, young man! You see, primates like you and I separate ourselves into hierarchies. Sexual prowess, particularly for the man, is rewarded by moving up the ladder. Incompetence, particularly sexual ineptitude, is punishable by falling . . . → Read More: Sissy Opportunity

Feminine Lifestyle

Surrender to the Feminine Lifestyle

Ready to have your masculinity defeated? It’s a fight you’ve been in for almost your entire life. The social pressure of being “manly” as opposed to your “delicate” nature, which is better suited to a feminine lifestyle.

It’s amazing how long this internal struggle has been with you despite . . . → Read More: Feminine Lifestyle

Pantyhose: Five Fun Facts

Just Can’t Get Enough of Those Pantyhose

You just can’t help yourselves, can you? Be they secured by lovely, lacy garters, or full coverage with a panty. Your obsession with those sheer, stretchy wonders is unrivaled. Slipping into them leaves you feeling your sexiest and most feminine. This season’s cold calls for pantyhose, so I . . . → Read More: Pantyhose: Five Fun Facts

Clothed Female Naked Sissy Humiliation with Ms. Piper

Surely You Can’t Say No! 800-356-6169

I love the power I hold over a man sissy when she’s in a CFNM CFNS situation, but I have to admit, I never allow my sissies to be completely naked!

It’s far more humiliating when a sissy is wearing something slutty that makes her more naked . . . → Read More: Clothed Female Naked Sissy Humiliation with Ms. Piper

Virtual World Feminization is Better

Bored With Your Femininity

Making up a cross-dresser for a Night out!

I have a healthy number of sissy and cross dressing callers. Over the time I’ve been here at LDW, I’ve had many tell me they were bored with their feminine selves.

They wear the same panties and bras, the same lingerie, . . . → Read More: Virtual World Feminization is Better

Getting Ready for Summer: Skincare for Sissies

Spring is just around the corner and now is the time to be getting your sissy self ready for it. For many sissies, skin care is an afterthought or something they don’t really think about at all. What every real girl knows is that taking care of the skin is one of *the* . . . → Read More: Getting Ready for Summer: Skincare for Sissies

Sissy Pampering: The Red Carpet Treatment

Sissies deserve pampering, the red carpet treatment.

Red Carpet Sissy!

Every sissy is a diva at heart. They deserve to be treated as the royal queens that they truly are. I love all sissies. It does not matter if you are the romantic sissy, the cock whore sissy, or the cross dressing lesbian . . . → Read More: Sissy Pampering: The Red Carpet Treatment

What is Your Sissy Fantasy?

Be a mental sissy in fantasy land.

Be My sissy!

It’s okay if you are not ready to make the jump to being a real life sissy.  You can enjoy all the perks of being a sissy right there in your mind.  I absolutely love sissy role plays, and I am expert in . . . → Read More: What is Your Sissy Fantasy?

How to get a Sissy Name by Mistress Audrey

What’s in a femme name?

I often write about sissies on my blog and one of my most popular recent blog posts deals with the importance of having a feminine name. On my blog, I explain in greater detail why it sparks submissiveness and brings an erotic charge to your secret panty fetish that . . . → Read More: How to get a Sissy Name by Mistress Audrey