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Sissies Online

I’ve met a lot of sweet sissies online.

And nearly all of them have told me about a couple of problems they’ve faced. Sissies in the real world often purge their sissy things! Either a sudden upswing of shame and humiliation leads them to toss out all their pretties and rededicate themselves to being . . . → Read More: Sissies Online

Virtual World Sissy Soiree

Join our Sissy Soiree on May 12th 4pm – 7pm SLT (7pm to 10pm Eastern)

Greetings, sissies! Myself and Goddess Alyssa have some wonderful news for you all, just in time for Masturbation May. What is that news, you ask? We’re hosting a special event titled the Sissy Soiree in world . . . → Read More: Virtual World Sissy Soiree

Virtual World Feminization is Better

Bored With Your Femininity

Making up a cross-dresser for a Night out!

I have a healthy number of sissy and cross dressing callers. Over the time I’ve been here at LDW, I’ve had many tell me they were bored with their feminine selves.

They wear the same panties and bras, the same lingerie, . . . → Read More: Virtual World Feminization is Better