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Sissy Training Assignment from Mistress Grace


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Hi there girlies! It is time to let you in on a special secret. A secret that women have not shared with men, and for good reason. It is all about pedicures. Women say we go just to have our toes look pretty, to have our feet soft and smooth. Well this is all true….but there is more. When you walk into a nail salon and get brought over to the special vibrating chair to sit down, all your stress seems to just vanish. Never mind when you feel her hands start rubbing over your tired little piggies. Mmmm, so yummy. Since I shared this special secret with you, now it is time for you to find out the pure bliss of it for yourself. I want you to go looking for places that do pedicures. You need to go in, of course wearing pretty panties under those “regular” clothes you always wear.

When you go in, I want you to just relax, enjoy and let it all just wash over you. Now if you’re a darling little girlie, at the end of the pedi, they will most likely not paint your nails, thinking this is a “boy” pedi. But if you are really a good girl and daring, you will ask in a very soft voice, if she could please pick out a nice soft shade of pink to put over your toe nails. You will never see your toes look better. It always looks so much better when someone else paints your toes!!! While she is painting, watch everything she does. What how she goes down the center with the small brush, sweeping color over your nail, watch every step. Now remember, when you leave if your toes are painted pretty, you will need to bring thong type sandals with you to wear out. You can’t put socks back on, or you will smudge those beautiful toes!! Enjoy knowing one of our most special secrets….

6 comments to Sissy Training Assignment from Mistress Grace

  • darlene

    the more I cross-dress the more I want to cross-dress. The more cross-dressing makes me feel like a girl the more I want to become a girl. But it is not cross-dressing to me because can one be cross-dressing if I wear who I am….girl’s wear girls clothes do they not. But I do wish to get a pedicure with soft pink.

  • Maidmike

    I love getting a pedi, but I like red toes

  • adrianna

    I not only got the pedi, but I had a nice red slutty color put on my toes, it matched the lipstick i was wearing that day. I took several photos.

  • priscilla

    I love wearing pink and matching my pretty panties

  • Hi Mistress Grace,
    Oh what a wonderful time is to be had at a salon getting a pedicure. I have been getting my toes done at the I was very nervous the first few times that I went in to have them done. I just told the pedicure girl, who was someone I knew quite well that it was a bet to have my toes done. After that first time, I was hooked forever. It feels so wonderful to have her massage my feet and legs. Then finish off my pedi with a beautiful polish job. I had done my toes at home before but nothing compares to having them done in the salon. I go in every month and usually bring my own polish as I pick the color before I go in. I usually buy polish at Sephora every time I go shopping there for make up. This month I had my toes done in a light pink glittery finish in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
    xoxoxoxo Amber

  • pantysue

    Ahhhh Princess… You know i got my pedicure for you with my butt plug vibrating in the chair. It was so much fun to have girl talk with You while the tech made my nails look so pretty. Princess Pink was the perfect color to honor You and let everyone know i was Princess Grace’s sissy!

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