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Ms. Ally’s Essay on Cross Dressing

If you haven’t read it already, check out Ms. Ally’s excellent essay on The Crossdresser: Fetish Cross Dressing vs. Lifestyle Cross Dressing. This is good reading! Feel free to comment here on the essay.

9 comments to Ms. Ally’s Essay on Cross Dressing

  • allen/alice

    I feel so weak when i think of being a sissy woman.mmmmmm..kisses..mmm..mistress

  • ashley_philly

    Hi Ms. Ally,

    I find myself between your Fetishistic and Lifestyle crossdresser. I guess I would be a Lifestyle crossdresser; however, being married with a wife that doesn’t approve I have to hold back. That puts me in the Fetishistic group I guess.

    I enjoy shopping for makeup. I like MAC products, they are very gender friendly, but a little expensive. I have had two consultations there. When my wife is away, which is seldom, I enjoy dressing up. I like skirts that are restrictive (have to take short steps), and of course heels (almost killed myself one time going down steps). I wear blouses where you can just see the bra through, and I buy colored bras.

    I have gone out dressed. I played at a casino in Atlantic City once. Another time I walked on the boardwalk; however, someone made a big fuss about me being a man and I haven’t been there since. I have driven around and pumped gas dressed.

    My biggest problem with dressing, since I am old, is controlling the body hair growth. I have hair coming out my nose and ears – ugh. I spend a lot of time controlling that. If I could I’d get some laser work done and waxing, but in my situation, I can’t.

    Right now I’ve kind of given up dressing. I still do some things to contiue being a sissy. I ALWAYS sit down going to the bathroom. I sit with my knees together. I keep my nails trimed and use a clear hardner. I’m working on keeping my eyebrows trimed and plucked and I shave my underarms. I’m playing around with lipstick that best matches my lip color, Maybelline #50 Pink Pout is close.

    I think I’m going to try some of your assignments, they should be fun.


  • i enjoy dressing as women, nothing dirty, but just being able to be a women who is submisive to others, with a kind heart, no mocho…ism ortrying to be all hard. the clothes, and make-up are an added thrill, if thats makes a sssy, then I join the club of frills, and chills to feel like a womem, and enjoy it. lets going gala, i mean shopping!
    aka melinda

  • Suzyq

    i guess i am a fetish cross dresser , i only wear lingerie and heels , and anything i can get my hands on to wear,but i do wish i could at least go all the way and dress as a full women from head to toe someday soon. i dont need to do it everyday and i would love to go out in public dressed as long as it was away from home, i am 1 of the lucky guys in the cross dressing world that has a very understanding wife that does let me dress and have sex with me while i am dressed .theres times she likes it and times she doesnt but she does let me do my thing and i am blessed for her letting me explore this side of a fetish most wifes wont allow.

  • Barbara

    I love being a woman, dressing in beautiful clothes, heels; I have so many shoes, I can’t believe it and I still look for more to wear. I still have some problems with make up, I’m now trying different ways, less powder etc. Last week I dressed 6 days, this week probably 4, I’d dress everyday if I could do it.
    Just started to look at breast implants, not sure yet about going all the way.
    Love to all Barbara

  • Kathyann27ts

    I enjoy dressing as a girl & have done it full time since I was a very young age. I was caught by my sister & since that time I have dressed as a female 24/7. My early years in grade school I was dressed as a boy. But, after I was caught, I had to go to school as a girl. I caught hell in those early days going to school as a boy. I had to endure a lot of head & heart aches. I then was shown how to act & look as feminine as could be by way of lessons from my mother & sister. I was put on hormones at a early time also, and now that I am 26 my B cup breasts are my own. I also have a very feminine shape & I’m very passible as well.

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