Sissy for Ms Christine

Suck with a feminine flair!

Can you suck cock like a woman?

I have a lot of cocksucking pets – hell, I have a whole blog devoted to it!  One thing I’ve noticed is that if you’re a sissy sucking cock and you really want the guy to get lost in the fantasy that he’s got a real live woman blowing him, you have to do things a bit differently.  You can’t suck cock like a guy!

Be Sluttily Demure

You can be slutty and demure at the same time.  Most cocksucking faggots can be aggressive and a bit rough when they’re bobbing on the knob.  You need to be more sensual.  Guys go right for swallowing that whole rod.  As a sissy, take a cue from us Mistresses and tease that cock a bit.  Kiss the head, lick the shaft, stroke it a bit before you finally swallow that rod!  Compliment him on how beautiful and big his dick is and how you just can’t wait to taste it.  When you’ve got it down your throat, moan and squeal like you just can’t get enough.

It’s About Him

The cock you’re sucking, I mean.  For my guy cock sluts, it’s about satisfying their craving for cock.  Now, for some female cock whores, that’s what it’s about as well, but they still realize that to get what they want, they have to make it about him.  Make sure you look up at him with those pleading eyes, begging for his cock – and his cum!  And when he gives you that precious jizz?  Don’t you dare get rid of it!  Swallow it all down like a good sissy!


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