Sissy cum dumpster out in public!

Let ME take control!

I had written about my naughty little sissy cum dumpster never being satisfied with her assignments, no matter how dirty they were.

She sucked cock on cam, she spread her legs and got fucked like a little whore while I watched, she pranced around in public wearing her sissy heels, and the list goes on and on. I do so love to see a well-trained sissy show off her skills!

Thing is, when a sissy performs so well and develops her skills to such a level, you have to keep ratcheting it up. That’s exactly where my advanced little sissy and I found ourselves this week.

She needed an extra humiliating sissy assignment that was extra challenging to give her an extra boost of sissylicious tingles.

My sissy had some free time, and so I told her it would best be spent on her knees at the bathhouse and the dirty bookstore. Just so everyone knew what my dirty girl was there for, I told her to write CUM DUMPSTER on her chest in (what else?) lipstick.

Turned out, my little addition was a stroke of genius. That red lipstick was just like blood in the water for sharks. They started circling immediately!

My dirty little sissy slut spent over four hours cruising for cock, and boy did she get more than her fill! I asked her how much cock she’d had in her mouth over the past couple of days. She began counting. . . six at the dirty bookstore and one, two, three, four. . . FOUR at the bathhouse.

Did I hear that correctly? Did my naughty girl really suck TEN cocks in two days?

She set the bar pretty high for the rest of my sissies. Who wants to try and surpass my dirty cock slut’s record?


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