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Mistress “this sissy loves lingerie” is something I hear quite often. Always makes me smile because, I do too! But everyone who loves lingerie loves it for different reasons, humm? The sissy we are talking about today, you sissy, you love the lingerie more than the pretty form under it, don’t you? Most look at the pretty silk or lace, then focus on the pretty fem form underneath. Or admire how the soft curve of the cup cradles her full breast. How the scalloped edges of the panties show off her pert ass. Now, for some you want to have that ass. Not in a sexual fuck it way. From a “I wish that was my ass way”! But you sissy, the subject of this blog you don’t want that ass in anyway. You want those panties. It’s all about the lingerie for you.

Sissy Lingerie

Sissy loves lingerie

Lingerie Details

Oh, the delicate details! Silk chemise or bustier , corsets with suspenders to stockings and Oh, so cute panties! You notice a delicately placed ribbon, with a pearl. You see these things, they pop out and scream to you “It’s fun to be a girl”. Your clitty tingles and gets hard studying the fine details. How cute and whimsical are the straps with the delicate satin piping of a shade lighter or darker than the strap.

Silk full slips, stockings with seams and so much more. Talking about the delicate details, the sheerness of the fabric. You just know you’d feel so ultra fem in something similar! admiring how feminine the fabric drapes this curve or that. Knowing a rich and quality fabric from one , well not so well made. Connoisseur of those details. You would love to shop for pretty things hours and hours a day! But how? You are not ready, sissy? Humm? For an in store shopping for sissy clothes outing?

Sissy Lingerie Party

Then a sissy lingerie party has to be in order! There are several work from home companies who have empowered women to work from their home, sell lovely items and best of all they will come to your home! Some have additional sex toys that can be purchased too! Company’s like Pure Romance where you can book an in home trunk show! Not up for that? No problem. Let’s do a virtual trunk show! That’s right. We can chat on the phone , share links in chat and shop on line together. Ohh and ahh over the pretty details. Let’s book our virtual sissy party today!

Sissyville Mistress Erika


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