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Hugs and Kisses for my pretty girl!

How far will you go to please your Mistress, sissy? Will you make your humiliation semi-permanent for her pleasure?

What I’m talking about are sissy tan lines. I know you covet those sexy lines on a woman’s body that highlight her most desirable assets. You may as well put out a sign that says LOOK AT MY TITS, PUSSY, AND ASS! You’d give anything to garner that much attention with your naughty sissy bits, wouldn’t you?

But it’s so edgy, isn’t it? A sissy in the closet has to be careful who finds out about her naughty little fetish, doesn’t she? At the same time, though, it’s kind of the ultimate way to prove your devotion to your Mistress.

There are many ways to acquire your sissy tan lines, depending on your personal comfort level. You don’t even have to expose yourself to those damaging UV rays!

There is the “tan in a can,” or self-tanner, method for those sissies who just can’t do it in public. It’s MUCH more difficult to get the tanner on the back of you evenly, but with the cool sprays that you can even spray on while the bottle (or can, lol) is upside down, it’s not impossible.

For ease, you can always get your spray tan done by a professional. This method has the added benefit of exposing your sexy bikini bod to the spray tan technician as she makes all of your bikini line dreams come true!

There is also the “traditional” way to get those tan lines–laying out in the sun (in your bikini, ooh la la!) or by visiting a tanning bed. The drawback of this method is the obvious potential damage to your skin, but it does create the longest lasting tan lines (and visiting a tanning bed while wearing a bikini is completely private).

No matter how you do it, I simply MUST see you stripped down and rocking your feminine self!

As soon as you get those sexy bikini lines, you simply MUST give me a call! I can’t wait to see you on cam in all of your sissy glory!


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