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Do you need Sissy Bimbo School?

Do you feel your sissy bimbo buried deep inside yearning to emerge from your male body? Do you yearn to express that sissy bimbo to your full bimbo potential? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the answer is YES you need sissy bimbo school!

In addition to all the other Femdom activities, creating training sissy bimbo‘s is at the top of my list of fun things to do. But make no mistake this feminization training is amp’d up, and ramp’d up! Sissy bimbo training goes beyond your typical feminization in some very important ways. In addition to your typical feminization sissy bimbo school takes it to another level. let’s take a look at specialized sissy bimbo training.

Sissy Bimbo training

Sissy Bimbo Training. What’s your style?

Sissy Bimbo 101

First lesson: Pretty sparkly, grand and audacious. If one of these terms don’t describe it, it isn’t for sissy bimbo. Your tight form fitting dress, with the neckline cut down to your nips. Round full breasts with an equally round and barely covered voluptuous ass. An ass helped look pert and pretty, by the fuck me shoes you’ll be wearing.

Is it a bit humiliating? Perhaps, but that naughty stick doesn’t lie. You like it. You want it. You need it. More.

Moving on, working on all things sissy, from wardrobe to make up what is your best colors? Is fire engine red lips the best your complexion? Or perhaps a bubble gum pink with sparkles. Oh yea, glitter lips are for you. That’s right girls, from now on it’s falsies all around, with eyelashes, breasts wig and ass. We’re making you from the ground up!

Sissy Bimbo 102

So you’ve taken on and passed Sissy Bimbo 101? Fantastic, onto bigger and better things. How you walk, talk like a woman, move and flirt. How you have sex, with whom , or when you have sex. We will be training your bimbo body to always offer and give pleasure in any way and all ways possible. Not sure about anal training? Not every bimbo goes through anal training. The question is : Will you? We’ll find out in Sissy Bimbo 102.

As we progress and develop your sissy bimbo style with signature moves, walks and phrases. Your feminine self will begin to flourish in this safe place. This fun place where a girl can be a Sissy Bimbo and be accepted for who she truly is.

What are your sissy bimbo training needs? I’d love to discuss them with you, take a peek at some of the sissy posts over at my blog!

Until we chat,

Sissy Bimbo Training Mistress


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