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This sissy maid gets a surprise from a new Mistresssissy maid assignment from Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259.

Many of you know that a Mistress will share special submissive pets with another Mistress. After all, we do like to show off a well trained submissive and a sissy maid is perfect for sharing (and showing off). I post about how to be the best sissy owned by me but each Mistress is different.

An erotic story by a sissy.

This sissy loves to be passed around. Her main Mistress is on vacation but there is no vacation for this femme girly girl….she needs to WORK.

I love that she shows up locked up — bright pink chastity cage, a locking maid’s uniform and locking ankle straps on those high heels. I explain what she will be doing for me.

“I’m going on vacation, but my boyfriend has to work, so you will be staying here with him.

Oh now, now, don’t look so disappointed, I’ll be back a before you go home and if you do a good job while I’m gone, I can fit in an hour or two with you when I return.

Does this cream puff know what to do?

I make sure to give some points from my sissification cum eating training and then get very specific about my instructions.

My boyfriend, he has a tendency to sleep in, so every morning at six you need to wake him.

Start by gently flicking your tongue on his balls, quickening your rhythm as his morning wood intensifies. Once he is fully erect, you need to start teasing the shaft of his beautiful, gorgeous cock until the precum on his head just glistens in the morning light.

Lap it up with a twirl of your tongue around his head, and then take him completely inside your mouth.

As you move up and down the shaft, be sure to make eye contact.

Try humming “Eye of the Tiger”, he likes that. If he puts his hand on your head, it is a sign of endearment, you know you are doing a good job.

Try not to gag, but if he suddenly grabs your head and pulls it way down on his shaft, it’s okay to gag.

Suck every drop dry, and once you’ve licked him clean, smile and ask him what he wants for breakfast.

Open wide and say YUM!

Take good care of my boyfriend, I’ll be getting regular reports on your behavior while I’m away.

“Oh, and on Thursday nights, his friends come over for poker. You will be expected to serve drinks. Wear the red fishnet stockings and the satin panties and remember, always serve with a smile.”

Any questions, don’t hesitate to call! ~laughs~

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia


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