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Hey, girls! Well, it is the perfect time of the year for you to go out in public as your authentic sissy self! I want you to take full advantage of the season and your ability to go out feminized without fear…..after all Halloween is when you can get away with just about anything

Dressing the Part

Now I am not going to send you out shopping for a new sissy outfit unless of course you only just want to buy something new and sexy. You can wear something from your collection something that makes you feel feminine and sexy. Once you have your outfit picked out, you can proceed with your assignment

Sissy Makeup Assignment

Here it is, girls………….look up your local Ulta or Mac store. You are going to make an appointment for a full makeup makeover. Before you go getting your panties in a bunch, they often do full makeovers for men every day of the year so at Halloween it won’t be anything new to them.

Tell them about your outfit when you arrive or hey be extra daring and wear the outfit into your makeover. Now, this is not a time for subtle natural makeup; I want you to get sissy glam makeup. You can stand out and look fucking amazing and no need to fear… all you have to tell everyone is you are going to a Halloween party!

Take a Picture

Next part of your sissy assignment is to take a picture of yourself all dressed and with your full makeup done. I want to see just how amazing you look! Send your picture to your photo will not be used for anything but our enjoyment. If I get more than three pictures from those of you who choose to take on this sissy assignment, I will be giving out a prize to one lucky winner.


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