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Ms. Harper Asks: Are Your a Sissy Cuckold?

If you've explored the sissy fetish at all, you've probably run across the idea of a sissy as submissive to both wife/girlfriend and said wife's boyfriend! The idea can be extremely titillating and arousing, after all. But you may be wondering if your enjoyment of the...

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Sissy Tradwives

Sissy Tradwives I'm sure you're wondering how in the world I'm about to combine such diametrically opposed things as sissies and tradwives. Oh wait, you're not. Is it because you're not sure what a tradwife is? Brace yourself, I'm about to explain it to you, and blow...

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Sissy Bimbo Sex Bot Cocksucker

Hello, gurls! Are you the type who dreams of nothing more than to be a mindless sissy bimbo? Would you prefer that Mistress, a Master with a large cock, high libido, and dominant personality, or both, do your thinking for you? I invite you to embody the persona, not...

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Important Note about Gifts for Mistresses

Effective Immediately, gifts sent to the LDW address will no longer be forwarded to the intended recipient.  Instead, they will be returned at the sender's expense. We know you like to shower your Mistress with gifts and you can still do that. Check with your Mistress...

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Sissy Charm School – Enroll NOW!

Sissy charm school will be in session starting January 11th, but enrollment is open until February 2nd! So happy new year to the girls! I’m going to share with you all the details here, and what will be expected of you should you attend, and most importantly how to...

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