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Sissy Training Assignment from Mistress Vivian


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If it is true, that the eyes are the windows to the soul – we should always take the time to frame them perfectly, with beautifully arched eyebrows. With the proper tools, good lighting, mirror and a few minutes, you can make your eyes stand out, and leave you with a clean canvas to apply makeup to.

To start this assignment – take a BEFORE picture of your brows.

Tools you need:
Brow comb
Small scissors
Brow pencil

Cin Langston’s suggestions at E How – makes the process so simple you’ll wonder why you ever thought it was difficult to have perfectly arched eyebrows.

Beware of a too high or too skinny arch – it will only look unnatural. Look straight in the mirror. To see where your brows should start- hold the brow pencil vertically against one nostril. Where the pencil meets your existing eyebrows is a good starting point

Repeat on both sides and make a tiny dot with your brow pencil, so you’ll know the exact point.

Now hold the pencil vertically, with the tip against one nostril. Then angle it so that the opposite end is aligned with the corner of the eye. Where the pencil hits the brow is where it should end. Make a dot there and repeat on the other eye.

If your eyes are close together, making the gap between your brows a little wider, can make the eyes look wider set. Vice versa, if your eyes are far apart.

Work out where the highest point of the arch of the eyebrow should be by holding your pencil from the edge of the nostril, past the outer edge of the iris and up to the brow. Again, mark this point with a dot.

Link the dots in a gentle arch. This will give you your ideal eyebrow shape to use as a guide.

Now you are ready to begin plucking! Some of Miss Viv’s suggestions for the perfect frame for your eyes are:

Always take one hair at a time, removing them in the direction that they grow. Yes darling, it can sting – but remember, you have to suffer to be beautiful.

If your brows tend to be on the busy side, use your brow comb to brush them up and using your scissors, trim any overly long hairs.

After you have plucked both brows, wait a few minutes for the redness to subside and take a close look at your handiwork. Gently placing a dab of eye cream on your newly plucked brow will help to sooth away any redness.

If you are happy with the results, click the banner to hear how you can complete this Beauty Assignment.

Hello dear poppet, here’s your Miss Viv – with tape measure in hand and wanting to know – are you wearing the most flattering hem line? 


This advice is for those gender-bender that want to blend into the public eye- and not meant for those sissies who only feel “right” when they put on something super frilly and mega short. There will always be those places and events, where slut wear is the ONLY thing to wear.


This topic has come up often with my more mature cross dressers, and darlings, when I say mature, I don’t mean as old as me! Any gurl past the age of 30, who wants to “pass” in public, and is still shopping in the Junior Department – this post is for you.


I often hear from my Femme callers, “I want to be a Woman, help me fit in.” I know many XDressers may think it’s what they put on their back that makes them womanly – but I suggest they look deeper; to see the truth of who it is we really dress for. At the very CORE of a Woman’s fashion ego, is the other Women.


Superior women know our Power to turn a man’s eye has very little to do with what we are wearing, and it is the other females’ reactions that define our wardrobes. So when I see some 30 something girl, dressing in skirts so short they can’t bend over without flashing their panties, I want to whisper in their ear – check your hem!


So today my darlings, I would like you to pull all your skirts and dresses out of the closet and check those hem lines. You must be your own worst critic. 


Listen to Miss Viv ask the hard questions. Complete The Check Your Hem Assignment – comment here and tell your Miss Viv how many of your outfits – wouldn’t pass Her inspection.