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It’s a Sissy Slumber Party!

Oh my little love-o-lees!

Summer is wrapping up and school is back in session. You know what that means? Slumber Parties! Seriously! Imagine the fun to be had with a group of lovely girls.

Think of all the nails being painted.

The cute pajamas..

The Cosmos, perfume and hair rollers.

It’s almost too much . . . → Read More: It’s a Sissy Slumber Party!

Delia’s Makeup Tip #2 – Concealer

Concealer can do so much for the appearance of skin, but it can also be a tricky product to buy. It may promise to make under eye circles vanish, cover blemishes, and may promise to work with your skin tone. But what can you really expect your concealer to do?

My assignment for you . . . → Read More: Delia’s Makeup Tip #2 – Concealer

Ivy’s Sissy Carwash

Hey there sissy maids!

Summer is almost over and I think it’s time for you to get out your sexy sissy bikinis, tankinis, monokinis and high heels grab your buckets and sponges and get together for a sissy carwash!

What would you wear?

You could wear a bathing suit. Or some sexy daisy duke . . . → Read More: Ivy’s Sissy Carwash