Sissy Sploshing Feminization

I have an excellent habit of implementing food play into everything, including sissification. So yes, I think sissy sploshing feminization would be fun because I wanna dress you up, and then get you dirty. And I'm really REALLY good at getting you dirty, sissies!...

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Pink BBC Sissies

  This blog is for a specific kind of sissy, and if the shoe fits, you lace that bitch up and drop to you knees, and start sucking. I'm referring to sissies who love BBC. You can't get enough dark meat in your life, and you're always doing the most to get a juicy...

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Beginning Sissy Journey

Ok, sissies, so you want to be more feminine, more girly, and to embrace your true path as a total sissy. Good for you! I'm so glad you've made the commitment to your life path! Welcome, and boy are you in for a fun transformation and life journey. It's time to get...

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Sissy Cock Sucker Lips

Everyone wants the perfect pair of pretty lips to wrap around a nice big cock. And if you're a sissy, of course you feel this deep need to look pretty and feminine while sucking a nice dick, right? Of course you do! A bit part of being properly feminized is looking...

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Foot Fetish Sissy

Are you a sissy with a foot fetish? Personally, I think all sissies should at least be interested in shoes, because nothing says 'femme' quite as well as a good pair of cute sandals. Let's be real: shoes for male identified people are just so...

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