Beginning Sissy Journey

Ok, sissies, so you want to be more feminine, more girly, and to embrace your true path as a total sissy. Good for you! I'm so glad you've made the commitment to your life path! Welcome, and boy are you in for a fun transformation and life journey. It's time to get...

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Sissy Cock Sucker Lips

Everyone wants the perfect pair of pretty lips to wrap around a nice big cock. And if you're a sissy, of course you feel this deep need to look pretty and feminine while sucking a nice dick, right? Of course you do! A bit part of being properly feminized is looking...

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Foot Fetish Sissy

Are you a sissy with a foot fetish? Personally, I think all sissies should at least be interested in shoes, because nothing says 'femme' quite as well as a good pair of cute sandals. Let's be real: shoes for male identified people are just so...

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Prostate Orgasms

Sissies who know a lot about pleasure love prostate orgasms. Lately, I've been helping a lot of men explore their prostate, and it's amazing to me just how many people still don't realize how much fun they can have with their prostate! It's...

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Starting Your Feminization

For so many sissies, just getting started with feminization is a challenge. What does one do first? Buy lipstick? A wig? Heels? Let's talk about the different paths one can take in order to fulfill your sissy needs and desires. Starting With......

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How to be More Girlie

To be more girlie, femininity must become second nature. It's not just about what you're wearing and how you look. Walking like a real woman and sounding like a real woman are helpful, but I'm talking about something more. If you want to take...

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