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Mistress, I Want Cock

Let's talk about your fascination with cock! One of the many surprises of my experience from talking with you on the phone is how many men are fascinated by cock. These guys identify as straight or heterosexual. They might wear panties or love to crossdress. There are...

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Sissy Voice Training Part II

Use Proper Exercises to Train Your Voice Previously I mentioned some do’s and don'ts for Sissy voice training. I also mentioned that there are exercises you can use to train your voice. So let’s go over an exercise that is going to be important...

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Voice Training Part I

Don't Rush Your feminization process should be a fun and freeing experience. With that said it doesn't excuse you from putting in some very real effort. Becoming the best sissy you can be by unlocking and exploding your feminine side and all...

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The Feminization of Charlie

The Perfect Candidate They were led in one by one. I inspected their slender frames as they walked to the perfect spot and stood still. Charlie looked to be the best choice out of the bunch. My prospects for feminization always have to fit...

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