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The Scent of a Woman

Nothing screams femininity like the scent of a woman. Every beautiful woman has a seductive, intoxicating assortment of treasured parfum in her boudoir. A woman changing her scent is about as natural as changing her moods. Being the ever emotional creature, women often find themselves slaves to the whims of their emotional currents. But . . . → Read More: The Scent of a Woman

Sissy Lessons from Princess Andi

Hi dearest sissies!

Princess Andi here.

You know, I expect more from my sissies then just to prance around and look good. Oh, I still love dressing you up in your cute outfits and making you head to the nearest store for bras and panties, but there are sissy lessons you must learn.

If . . . → Read More: Sissy Lessons from Princess Andi