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Sissy Training Assignment From Mistress Cassidy



Hello there sissy sluts.

I know a lot of you just love to get dressed up and play in your panties, but there’s a lot more to being a girl than rubbing that silk up and down on your little sissy girl parts.

I’ve told you some of the things you have to do, but there is always more. For instance, and this is important with the holiday season coming up:  red lipstick.  I know that every make up counter in the mall is telling you that bright red lips are all the rage for the holidays. And you pick up that copy of Glamour with Scarlett J on it and see her bright red lips and you just KNOW you need that!  And nail polish to match!

No, you don’t!  First of all, not everyone can wear red lipstick, that’s a lie and most of us girls do NOT wear it unless we are going out. But as a sissy, I recommend if you want to wear it, and I KNOW you do, that you look for a shade that is sexy on you. Not just the brightest you can find. I know you want your mouth to look good. After all, lipstick was invented by the Egyptians for the sluts to wear to make their mouth more attractive.  That way they’d be chosen to do the blowjobs. And I know You want to be a super sexy sissy who get’s chosen to be the number one hot sucking slut.

So, today’s lesson is simple. Before buying any red lipstick, go to the make up counter and ask for a tester sheet. You want to make sure you pick the shade of red that looks best on you

Welcome to Sissyville girls!

I always try to come up with something fun and at least a little seasonal or current for you girls, so today we’re going to think about Halloween! You know that Halloween parties start in October and not everyone waits for the 31st. Some of us actually start having parties much earlier and that means this month you can leave your house dressed any way you want without anyone thinking anything, except that maybe you are celebrating early. I personally wore kitten ears to class yesterday.

So your assignment this week is to start picking out some sexy costumes and finding places to really wear them. You know you slutty sissies would love to be a naughty witch or Paris Hilton and you classy sissies can be a French Maid or maybe one of the Sex and the City girls. Think high fashion and big hair and you’ve got it down.

I expect you to come up with something sexy to wear, use your imagination. This month you get a free pass and should be taking advantage of it!  So, get on those high heels, buy a wig and a toss a witches hat on top and everyone will think you are just in costume. You can sashay through the mall and down the street in  your Supergirl costume, long red cape flying out behind you, blonde hair cascading down your back, tight red panties and short little skirt making you invincible.  You can be a vampire with a sexy black dress and heels, just grab some fake teeth and it’s Halloween. Or how about a Sweet Transvestite!  Think Tim Curry and Rocky Horror and you can strut around in your panties and stockings!

C’mon sissies, I want to hear what you picked and where you plan to wear it!  So lets get dressed up and head out into the world this month. Go a little wild, dance in the moonlight and take advantage of Halloween.

All sissies need schooling, even those of you who think you don’t.   Most of you do very well with some gentle control. A little bit of girly chat and giggling. We talk clothes and shopping and make up and you do very well. Some of you even do some hot little dances and learn some cute songs, but there are others, those of you who need to be treated a little more harshly. You tend to whine and complain and come up with all kinds of sissy excuses for not doing what you are told.  That gets old very quickly and isn’t attractive at all. It’s just one of your stupid sissy games. And something you need to learn to quit doing.

This is your lesson from Empress Cassidy. When I or any mistress tell you to do something, you must learn to do it. Sissies argue and whine more than anyone else. That’s unacceptable. When told to put in your butt plug and leave it in all day, it is your responsibility to make sure it stays in. If you have to pull on your thong panties and pull them up a little tighter and higher than normal than that’s what you have to do. That doesn’t mean you get to say “oh it won’t stay in.” Your mistress doesn’t want to hear that, we want to know that you are doing what you were told!

When I say you are to go out and find a dick to suck, there is no excuse for not finding one and having a fun slutty sissy story to share with me next time we talk. So, do you think you can stop whining, put on your big girl panties and learn to do what you’re told? Or do you need further instructions?


Hello girls!

I know that every single one of you sissy girls loves to dress up in lots of different outfits and that’s great! But not all of you know how to dress or what to wear. You look at your Mistresses and say we are so beautiful and that our outfits are so nice. We are all classy women who know not only how to act but how to dress. And that is an important thing for YOU to learn.

You can’t always just wear whatever you think looks good. Fashion isn’t like that. Watch any show about fashion and dressing and you’ll see that it’s not all about you and what you like. You have to dress for your body type and take into consideration your hair color and skin tone when choosing what shade of lipstick you will wear and what colors of everything from lingerie to dresses you will buy. You can’t always just wear whatever you think looks good. Fashion isn’t like that.

Watch any show about fashion and dressing and you’ll see that it’s not all about you and what you like. You have to dress for your body type and take into consideration your hair color and skin tone when choosing what shade of lipstick you will wear and what colors of everything from lingerie to dresses you will buy.

For instance, if you look at my photos, you will see that due to my skin tone and hair color being lighter, I look really good in pastels. Pink is NOT for everyone. Yes you can wear it, but you need to pick the right shade of pink. After all you want to be a hot sexy, maybe even slutty, sissy. You don’t want to be a silly looking sissy in red patent leather pants and a hot pink top!

I hear time and again from all my sissies how much they wish they looked like me, how classy and sexy I look. I tell them that it’s because I know how to dress and do my make up. So this is lesson one in that vein. Color coordination. Make sure that what you are putting on is a good color for you and that if you are choosing separates, they match. Next time we’ll move on to the right make up shades for you.  Or you can always give me a call and ask any questions you might have.

Hello to all you sissies!

This is your first training assignment from Empress Cassidy and be sure it won’t be the last. I like to make sure all my sissies are in a very girly frame of mind. So, I want you to get three of your friends and sit down and watch at least 2 hours of Sex in the City, Project Runway or America’s Next Top Model. Make sure while you’re watching you think about what kind of sissy you are. And talk to your friends about it. Girls love to share and giggle and gossip and you need to do that!

So, what are you? A slutty sissy, wearing bright red lipstick and sexy clothes? Or are you a fashion loving sissy? You like to buy clothes that are totally in fashion right now and add a little bit of your own wild flair. Or maybe you are a serious sissy. You want everything perfect and spend lots of time choosing the right make up and clothes that are subtle, but still pretty. Or you might be a Cinderella sissy. You love to look pretty and the frillier the better. When you see one of those hot men, and you know you see one you’d like at least once a day, do you dream of marrying him or sucking his dick?

That’s your assignment, sissy. Figure out who you are and then call and tell me. I want to know all about it . . . details about what kind of sissy you are and why.


3 comments to Sissy Training Assignment From Mistress Cassidy

  • Cum Dump

    Hi Mistresses,
    I myself like to doll myself up like a babygirl. Ruffled baby pants cover and my Disney Princess dress sissy anklets and all. Do any other girls like to do this as well?

  • jeff

    please force me to be a girl and blackmail me Goddess

  • Sissy Cock Drainer

    I’m a combination of the 3 Mistress Cassidy. I Love dressing in my sexy panties all day, although I’m still shy to be open with it beyond a few friends. I also have realized Pink is my natural color with a little glitter for enhancement. As a Sissy in training, I do daydream of a luscious Cock filling my eager mouth. I do need encouragement to get out there to start pleasing many Cocks as I have only sucked off 1 so far. Thank you Mistress for taking your valuable Time to read this.

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