Sissy Training Assignment from Mistress Cecilia


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It’s that time again! Fall color change, Halloween and the holidays are right around the corner – and it’s time to make some changes! Time to dye your hair or get a darker wig for fall!  And darken up your make-up a bit too.  According to the Pantone color report, the fall ’08 palette is best described as a season of change and is defined by rich, elegant hues that offer a vibrant selection. New York’s fashion designers emphasize cooler blues, greens and purples in the top five tones used in their collections, followed by variations of warm red, orange and yellow. So be sure to select the colors in your wardrobe this fall, as well as updating the colors in your make – up palette.  It’s always good to throw out old make-up anyway, so be sure to throw out eye shadow that lost it’s luster, and mascara only has a shelf life of one month.  Then, you have the excuse of updating all your make- up!

As far as your hair and wigs are concerned – stay away from highlights or that summer sun-kissed look.  It’s time to go a little darker and mysterious to keep up with the changing season.   For brunettes – adding some burgundy or red hues to your hair is romantic, and for blondes, going a little darker and taking out the sun bleached hair is the way to go.
If you have any questions about changing your look for fall, or even winter – contact me, Mistress Cecilia through a session:  888-737-8345, or e-mail Me at

It’s that time again! Time to start wondering what you are going to do for Halloween!  If you don’t have any idea, and you definitely want to go the femme route – here are some ideas on what to be:

A French Maid
Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
Paris Hilton
School Girl
1950’s Housewife (think June Cleaver)
A fairy with wings
An angel
Wonder Woman
a 1950’s girl with poodle skirt
A Cheerleader
Pirate Wench

Those are just some examples. What I would like to do is get some photos of you dressed up – you can hide your face if you want – and I’d like to see how you look! Or you can always wear some type of mask, or make-up. It would be so fun to see you dressed up! Send your photos to, and perhaps we can get them up at to show others how great you look!  If we get enough photos, we can have a costume contest to see who wins! Halloween is the best time of year to let you the fantasy girl you always wanted to be!   If you need any assistance in putting your costume together, or want ideas – call Me for a session at 888-737-8345, or e-mail me at  It would be great to hear from you as Halloween is My most favorite time of year!  Send in your entries, and let me help shape you into that fantasy girl – and don’t forget, we can always do fantasies with a Halloween theme in sessions.

If you are too shy to go to a salon and get a manicure – there are ways to get your own hands pretty without ever visiting a salon.  If you want feminine looking hands – here are the ways to do it! 

First – soak your hand in soap and warm water and take a cuticle pusher, push back those cuticles!  Then, you must take an instrument to trim off those cuticles and then wash your hands.  This does take some time – but it really is the way to make your hands so soft and feminine looking. You can find any of these instruments at a store where the nail polish and nail products are sold.

After you have dried your hands, you can know take a file that has many sides to it: a buffer, a file that way you can shape your nails. If your nails need a trim, go ahead and trim them down to the wanted length.  After, wash your hands once again to get rid of the dust – then put on some nice smelling girlie lotion! This is where you can put your polish – you can use clear polish or you can use a light pink polish – or if you are very brave – you can go for red or dark pink! It really depends on your situation, or what you feel you can “get away with”.

It’s best to try and do a manicure at least once a week to keep your nails and hands looking ultra feminine! Also if you have hairy knuckles – it’s best to use Veet or Nair on them so that you look very girlie!

If you have never had a body wrap before – I do suggest getting one as it feels so luxurious and you get to have very soft skin.  I personally have had a cayenne body wrap, and I’ve had a chocolate wrap as well as having a clay wrap just the other day.  They paint a nice concoction of ingredients on your body and then wrap you in plastic to get your skin feeling so soft and girly.

I suggest you get ready for the fall by getting one of these wraps done in a spa because it truly is a girly thing to do. Not only that, you can also get an appointment to get a facial and to get your nails done – which is what I did a few days ago!     

It’s especially nice to have a woman to do it to you too – her hands all over your body and you can feel that womanly energy. When you get home from that body wrap, I’d like for you to slip into a nightie and feel so sexy doing so!



It’s getting near the end of the summer, and if you haven’t been able to get that wax and tan – now is the time to do it! Your assignment is this – it’s best to go to a professional salon service and get waxing done. After you have been waxed, make sure to keep your legs soft by applying lotion and consider getting a pedicure done as well!

There are several methods to tanning – one is to lay out in the sun, but sure to wear sunscreen! And I mean everywhere! Another method is to go to a tanning bed and pay for a few sessions until you get to the color that you are wanting. Also – there are self-tanning methods such as lotions and sprays you can use – but you must be careful and put it on evenly and wear gloves! Too many girls slather on the self-tanning lotion and end up with brown palms! Make sure you buy a tanning lotion that says it looks natural on it as well – being orangish brown is not very attractive. 😉

If you have any questions, be sure to contact Me, Ms Cecilia at 888-737-8345 on ways to make yourself even more sexy and feminine!